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High quality life comes from every detail of life, from clothing, food, housing and transportation to home decoration. Every detail can not be ignored. Even the choice of a door and window is not willing to make do with it

with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people have higher and higher requirements for the quality of life. High quality life comes from every detail of life, from clothing, food, housing and transportation to home decoration. Every detail can not be ignored. Even the choice of a door and window is not willing to make do with it

as the facade and eyes of a house, doors and windows should not only have a good-looking appearance, but also be purchased carelessly because they are directly related to the ventilation effect, lighting and anti-theft performance of the house

although the door and window industry is relatively mature at present, various brands in the door and window market are mixed, and the quality is uneven. For some consumers who do not understand decoration, it is easy to be "cheated", so it is necessary to learn some knowledge about the purchase of doors and windows. You must know the following purchasing skills

purchase skill 1: look at the materials for doors and windows

when choosing doors and windows, the owner should see whether the quality of doors and windows is good. For doors and windows with good quality, their materials and plate thickness strictly comply with national standards, and their anti-theft, sound insulation effect, sealing and other aspects are relatively guaranteed, and their service life will be longer than ordinary doors and windows

purchase skill 2: look at the workmanship of doors and windows

a good door and window has fine processing, smooth tangent, consistent angle, no obvious gap at the splicing position, good sealing performance, and smooth switching. If the processing is not good, there will be sealing problems, not only air and rain leakage, but also falling off under the action of external forces, causing damage to the owner

purchase skill 3: look at the environmental protection and energy saving of doors and windows

the environmental protection of doors and windows mainly involves the materials of doors and windows themselves. The choice of materials for doors and windows depends on whether its parameters meet environmental protection standards. Brand manufacturers will choose materials that meet environmental protection standards

the second is the energy saving of doors and windows. If the bridge cutoff aluminum alloy doors and windows are used indoors, the indoor temperature is higher than that outdoors in winter, and the heat insulation bridge cutoff profile has good air tightness, which can prevent the outward loss of heat; In summer, the heat insulation bridge breaking profile can block the flow of outdoor hot air to the interior, so as to avoid the increase of temperature and play the role of adjusting room temperature. Two way regulation greatly reduces the loss of energy and has the effect of energy conservation and environmental protection

purchase skill 4: look at the quality of door and window hardware accessories

as an important part of door and window products, the quality of hardware accessories is related to the service life of door and window products. Therefore, when purchasing door and window hardware accessories, it is necessary to choose brands with good quality and good reputation

purchase skill 5: find a professional installer

in addition, the installation quality of doors and windows directly affects the usability of doors and windows. When installing doors and windows in this way, you need to choose an experienced installer

purchase skill 5: look at the style of doors and windows

there are many home decoration styles, including classical, modern, simple, fashionable, Chinese, European, etc. the style of doors and windows is the same, which should be matched with the overall style of home

purchase skill 6: purchase brand doors and windows

if you are a "Xiaobai" of doors and windows and are not good at identifying good and bad doors and windows, you should find some well-known brands with good reputation to purchase them. Brand door and window enterprises will have their own product design and development team, after-sales team and a set of standardized quality inspection standards. Therefore, brand doors and windows are relatively guaranteed in terms of style, quality, environmental protection performance and after-sales service




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