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The household waterproof project covers the kitchen, balcony, and living room floors, which should be waterproof, and the household waterproof project can not be underestimated. If household waterproofing is not done in place, it will add a lot of troubles to daily life

I. kitchen waterproofing is indispensable

kitchen floor waterproofing: the reason why the bathroom should be waterproof is that the bathroom often has a large amount of open water, while the kitchen is ignored because it does not often have open water. During decoration, the possibility of a large amount of open water passing through the ground should be considered, so the ground must be treated with waterproof treatment to prevent unexpected needs. In addition, the area around the floor drain should be treated emphatically

waterproof of kitchen wall: the waterproof of kitchen wall is different from that of bathroom, and it is not necessary to do the top. The waterproof of kitchen wall is generally to avoid mildew caused by water splashing and moisture on the wall. Generally, the waterproof height of the kitchen wall can reach 0.3m, and the waterproof height can reach 1.2m at the place where the wash basin and washing machine are placed

waterproof of wall and ground joints: kitchen waterproof also needs to pay attention to the waterproof treatment of the wall and ground joints. These corner positions are easy to cause moisture and mildew due to ponding. During construction, the wall and ground joints shall be painted evenly

II. Balcony waterproof details

balcony window seam waterproof: Although the balcony does not encounter water every day like the bathroom, in rainy days, the waterproof of the balcony is very important. The window joint is the place where water is most likely to seep, so the waterproof treatment should first remove the fillers and sundries between the window frame and the wall, then inject foaming plugging agent into the joint, and finally paint a waterproof coating not less than 300mm wide and 2mm thick around the window frame

balcony ground waterproofing: the first thing to pay attention to balcony ground waterproofing is the drainage outlet. During decoration, the slope of the drainage outlet should be appropriate. There should be a height difference of 20-30mm between the balcony and the interior, and the balcony is low. Waterproof paint can be used on the balcony floor, and waterproof treatment should be focused on the internal and external corners and around the drain

the balcony floor drain is unobstructed: in addition to the drainage slope and waterproof coating, the smoothness of the floor drain also affects the waterproof effect of the balcony. Because there is not much water in the balcony, it is more suitable to use self sealing floor drains

third, the living room should also be waterproof

floor heating and waterproof: homes in northern areas choose to pave floor heating equipment. In winter, the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is large, especially near the door and window, the geothermal pipe is easy to produce condensate, which penetrates into the concrete structure. Therefore, in the space paved with floor heating, the ground must be painted with a layer of waterproof paint first

waterproof of bungalow walls and floors: the first floor of bungalows and villas, which are located in low places, will be affected by terrain and rain, and the walls and floors will be wet. For bungalows, the first floor of villas and other places, it is generally necessary to use plugging treasure to add water and stir it into putty, compact it on the old wall and old soil layer, and then apply a layer of waterproof paint

Xiaobian comments: many householders still stay on the level of bathroom waterproofing. In fact, all spaces of the home need to be waterproof. The waterproofing of the walls and floors of the kitchen is the most important except for the bathroom. Although there is not much open water, it must also be prevented. The balcony is directly facing the wind and rain, so it is necessary to enhance the drainage and waterproof. The living room, bedroom and other small spaces are waterproof according to the actual needs





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