May Day celebration and Tianjian cabinet clan hall

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Celebrating the "May 1st" and the opening promotion of Tianjian cabinet Museum

celebrating the grand opening of the "May 1st" and Tianjian square cabinet museum store, Heng Subo's hot promotion:

promotion 1, "Wutong rain" series of overall kitchen cabinets

promotion price: 8888 yuan/set

contents include: 1. Standard floor cabinet (including quartz stone table) 3.5 meters

2. Standard hanging cabinet 1.5 meters

3. Kangbao kitchen electric three piece designated model (smoke machine, gas stove, disinfection cabinet)

main configuration: crystal steel door panel, buffer door hinge, quartz stone table

promotion II, "true self style" series customized kitchen cabinet

promotion price: 1380 yuan/meter (original price: 2680 yuan/meter)

content includes: standard floor cabinet + standard hanging cabinet + quartz stone table

main configuration: high gloss paint door panel Buffer door hinges, quartz stone countertops

promotion III. promotion of the whole series of kitchen cabinets (solid wood, metal doors, steel doors, UV paint, double decorative doors), wardrobe, bookcase, customized furniture and other products 6 fold

promotion time: May 1, 2012 ~ May 31, 2012

sample viewing address:

1. No. 2078, building materials center, gaodemiju Olympic sports store, Aoti South Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou

2. No. j2009, second floor, counter family hall, Tianjian square, shatai Road, Baiyun District, Guangzhou

3. Hengsubo special area, second floor, baishiju, NANDA intersection, Panyu Avenue, Panyu District, Guangzhou

Consultation Tel.: 13631491666, 13924100038, 15919633603.1

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