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In the life of a craftsman, making furniture is like a practice of life. At the beginning, I was inexplicably attracted by the charm of furniture, and entered the furniture industry with a longing heart

in the life of a craftsman, making furniture is like a practice of life. At the beginning, they were inexplicably attracted by the charm of furniture, and entered the furniture industry with a longing and yearning heart. It was such a infatuation close to love that achieved their lifelong career, enriched their lives, and became a kind of life enjoyment

rich life

I worked as a dealer for 15 years. I came into contact with the furniture industry from social work, and gradually fell in love with furniture, until one day I strongly wanted to reflect the fun of making furniture by myself, wanted to make products better and richer, and wanted to turn this hobby into a career and enrich my life

Mr. chenzhiming, general manager of fupinju furniture

of course, machines are faster and more standard than manual production, but traditional skills cannot be lost. For example, the delicate pattern of Xiangyun must be carved by hand to show its texture. In addition, we cannot throw away the spirit of hard-working craftsman

-- Excerpt from Mr. Chen Zhiming's interview

in today's declining traditional crafts, many times, the aging of a craftsman may be associated with the demise of a craft. But on the contrary, whether it is traditional craft or craftsmanship, if someone is willing to inherit and undertake it, then one can carry it forward

product wins the world

from product material selection to finished product inspection and packaging, every link is carefully controlled. Even furniture with a little defect belongs to unqualified products, and we will make special marks to distinguish them. Moreover, an employee meeting will be held every month to smash these "unqualified" furniture on the spot, which is a kind of shock and makes employees consciously develop the habit of being sloppy and responsible; It is also a commitment that we will never let products with quality problems go out of the factory and into customers' homes

-- Excerpt from Mr. Chen Zhiming's interview

the most prominent concept in the furniture manufacturing industry is "fine workmanship". Without the support of high-precision modern equipment, hand-made has become the only way to make high-quality products. Therefore, enterprises with craftsmanship spirit are more demanding in quality control. Many times, they also adopt "extreme" treatment methods like fupinju, but this is why they have the sign of "winning the world with products"

respect the craftsman, and the ingenuity is handed down.

while pursuing quality, we pay more attention to the production environment in the factory. Because employees can give full play to their potential only if they have a comfortable working environment. At the same time, the company should know how to love and respect employees, so as to stimulate their ingenuity. Only when they love the company, can they love the company's products

-- Excerpt from Mr. Chen Zhiming's interview

I remember someone said: the so-called craftsman is doing the same work every day, dirty and tired. Now who is willing to do such work? I think it may be for this reason that fewer and fewer people are engaged in such work. After all, small workshop furniture factories are indeed this situation. Here, garberry furniture paint is willing to work with every furniture enterprise to provide a comfortable working and living environment for craftsmen. Only by respecting employees can ingenuity be handed down

fupinju furniture

Shenzhen fupinju furniture is a high-end solid wood production enterprise under Jiuhong group, which integrates production, R & D and sales. Fupinju has modern workshops, perfect production lines, uses gold walnut imported from Africa as raw materials, introduces advanced production equipment from Germany and Italy, and cooperates with 100% high-quality processing technology to produce high-quality solid wood suite furniture

fupinju has a deep understanding of the development trend and background culture of solid wood suites. Its products are novel and diverse in style, which can meet the needs of different customers. It always adheres to the leading position of product manufacturing technology in the industry, adheres to the enterprise name of "rich life, conduct the world", regards quality as the life of the enterprise, and regards talents as the lifeblood of the enterprise. Be responsible for employees internally and customers externally




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