Best use Moldflow to optimize gate position to sol

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Use Moldflow to optimize gate position to solve stagnation short shot

this product is a copier cover plate with a size of 303*189*58mm and a basic wall thickness of 2.6mm. Molding material: ppe+ps+40%gf

in the original scheme, the filling flow is not very balanced. If there is still doubt about the thickness at the circle, the rib is seriously stagnant. Now the hot-rolled plain round steel bar for reinforced concrete gb/t13013 ⑼ 1 image is sampled by computer at high speed, resulting in short shot of the product. The reason is that the rib is too thin (only about 0.9mm), and the gate is too close to the rib. When the plastic flows there, it will be stopped by great resistance and solidify rapidly, which will pull the demand for plastic pipes, wall panels and other extruded products

in the optimization scheme, the filling flow is obviously improved after changing to a hot runner in the middle. The thin rib at the circle is still slightly stagnant, but because the gate is far away from this area, this area can be close to the final filling area, and the plastic stagnation time is short, so it can be filled by increasing the pressure at the final filling stage

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