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Tips for avoiding excavating to "injure" the cable paint coating in Lanzhou City. After the interview, we learned that the ground painting is to avoid cutting the underground cable when excavating the sidewalk

when I came to Yannan Road, I saw that the sidewalk on the north side of the road had been enclosed, five workers were seriously painting to the ground with "hexagonal" steel shelves, and two workers were blending the paint. The ground has been painted into gray "hexagonal tiles", and the painted area is about 10 square meters. The person in charge of the construction site nearby told that the long-standing conflict between sustainable development and extensive production in the industry should be solved and broken, but there are optical cables underground in the obstacle area. In order to avoid repeated excavation and protect the optical cables, they did not lay floor tiles there, but painted paint with the same color as the floor tiles on the cement floor, which not only protects the underground optical cables, but also is consistent with the color of the "floor tiles" on the sidewalk, Kill two birds with one stone. The person in charge also said that the current temperature is appropriate, the paint on the ground dries quickly, and it will not be long before traffic can be resumed

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