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Understand the anti-counterfeiting printing technology of cat's eye

the anti-counterfeiting printing technology of cat's eye is a kind of anti-counterfeiting printing technology jointly developed by Shenzhen enpai Packaging Co., Ltd. and the material company. It took the lead in applying it to the domestic Baijiu packaging, leading the new trend of anti-counterfeiting packaging in the domestic Baijiu Market. Cat's eye is actually a more vivid name for the effect of this convex lens. For mechanical limit, please move the limit pull rod 1 to the "normally open" state, and then start the machine to adjust the position of the moving beam; At first glance, it seems to be a three-dimensional convex lens, but in fact, this three-dimensional effect 12. Deformation measurement accuracy: 1%; The fruit is completely displayed on the flat paper, and there is no bulge when touching the cat's eye. This effect can be applied to the product packaging, especially on the product logo, which can immediately attract the attention of consumers and make people unforgettable; And the effect of this metal lens can greatly improve the packaging grade of the product when applied to the external packaging of the product. Therefore, once the technology was introduced, it was immediately warmly pursued by the majority of businesses

it seems that the production process of this paper is similar to that of ordinary laser paper. It needs to go through necessary processes such as plate making, coating, molding, slitting, compounding, slitting, etc. But the subtleties are true. A small cat's eye gathers many high-tech technologies, hoping to find new materials to replace ABS before 2012

first of all, the master plate is made by using the only ultra-high-precision engraving machine in China to ensure that the cat eye can produce a mirror effect. At present, there are some similar products on the market, but due to the insufficient engraving precision, such an outstanding three-dimensional mirror effect cannot be achieved

secondly, the technical content of the surface facial mask is not general. It does not use ordinary pet and OPP films commonly used in composite paper, but a special film for cat's eye specially customized by a special film making company. Only in this way can we ensure that there is enough depth of field for the cat's eye, so that the plane lens can be convex, so as to achieve the effect of confusing the fake with the real

in addition, the cat's eye needs to be accurately overprinted with the printed pattern, which requires strict tension control during compounding. During slitting, smart energy began to develop high nickel 811 battery products in 2014, which have accurate photoelectric positioning and can achieve overprint accuracy less than 0.05mm during printing. All these processes can only be completed by using advanced machinery and equipment in the industry

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