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Make the best use of every led to test Jeep Commander headlights

with the popularity of LED light sources, most new cars will more or less add LED light sources to the car lighting system. The advantages of LED in energy consumption and life span are on the one hand, but its petite figure gives designers more room to play, making one after another comparable to "lamp factory" products in beauty appear in the world. Of course, at the stage when the LED headlights have not completely rushed to the market, the computer manufacturers also use the LED headlights to distinguish the configuration, but the practice of some models is a clear stream - Jeep Commander

to be honest, in this age of sensual desire, in the evaluation articles, the appearance rate of the word "standard configuration" is not high. The reason is simply the factor of sales strategy. But when I saw the standard LED headlights of all the major commanders, I still had some small palpitations in my heart. It is said that genius and fool are on the line. If I say jeep is either too smart or too stupid. Low configuration for halogen and high configuration for LED. If you want to have a full set of LED, you can do it! Optional! Various bundled lighting upgrade packages greeted. This is the usual method of too many manufacturers, but the standard configuration of Jeep Commander either knows the way of sales or disdains to do so. Another point may be that the standard LED headlights of the whole series are basically a group of "stronger candle light bonus", and the standard configuration is poor without accelerating the technical transformation! So Javier nebril from the circutor development team said: "In order to find an elastomer shell material that can perfectly bond polycarbonate, we need to carefully check whether this series of standard LED headlights is worthy of the name or just make up for the number.

the problem of large tangent height difference is common in SUV models, and this kind of design is also to better take care of the opposite car. The large strength difference between a and C lines at 30m from the commander also shows that this car also has such a problem, that difference Why is the value 15 times? I guess that the light shape is more divergent due to the reflective structure of the lamp group. In order to take care of the opposite vehicle, the illumination angle of the left light needs to be lowered to build a "harmonious society"

rich additional functions

follow up steering - on the secondary top configuration and top configuration models, the outer low beam group has follow-up steering function. From the actual experience, the rotatable angle lamp of the lamp group is quite considerable. The light effect is very obvious in corners, and the ratio between the steering angle of the steering wheel and the rotation of the lamp group is very reasonable. Basically, the lamp arrives first and then arrives, and there is a "delay" of so seconds in the middle, which is very practical

fog lamp fill light - the low beam lamp of the commander has a good horizontal detection ability. The fog lamp also has a steering assist function, and the fill light effect is obvious. It even feels like a corner lamp on some other models. In fact, the gimmick that the fog lamps of some models have the steering assist function at this stage is greater than the actual situation. You will see that the fog lamps have a gorgeous effect when lighting up, and the halo moves like a searchlight, but I am afraid that the lighting up effect can also illuminate small animals clearly. On the contrary, the fog lamps of the commander are not so beautiful. However, about 75% of the raw aluminum produced in the world is still recycled and used evenly, and the irradiation range and detection definition are acceptable. In addition, the fill light function of the fog lamp is only enabled at low speed, and the steering assistance at medium and high speed is still close to the light lamp

adaptive high and low beam - for large commanders with strong high beam glare, the adaptive high and low beam function is essential, and the reaction speed is very fast after detecting the object light source. Unfortunately, this function is only available for top configuration and secondary top configuration. Compared with the attention paid to the driver's line of sight at night, under the condition that the cost will not increase much (light sensor), if this function can be configured as standard for the whole series, I believe the pattern of the big commander will be raised to a higher level

write at the end:

from the perspective of car buyers, the big commander's headlights perform very well. There are no fatal weaknesses in structural design, light shape distribution and the brightness and irradiation distance that people value. Of course, there are not many highlights compared with the continuous change of headlamp technology. However, the most gratifying thing is that these relatively primitive or basic LED light sources and reflective structures make the whole headlamp group very practical. In fact, as a car owner, you should make the lamp as gorgeous as the ball lamp in the KTV as far away and bright as possible

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