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Make versions more compatible

although computer aided design (CAD) has its own advantages, some weaknesses can not be avoided. Usually, there are various versions of operating systems. The transition from one CAD system to another CAD system often leads to the loss of data. For the design of products, it means an increase in time and cost. How to solve this problem

generally, mold designers cannot have all the software systems. Therefore, they usually prefer to insist on using the first level system, such as Unigraphics, pro/e or SolidWorks. In this process, it is necessary to convert the OEM file version into the mold designer's version

for CAD users, it is very convenient to realize the mutual conversion between versions - translators can realize the mutual conversion of various system versions only by using more software packages

tech mold believes that improving the interoperability of CAD software is the inevitable result of competition among major software companies. With the integration of the software industry, software versions are becoming less and less, so the interoperability problem is becoming simpler and simpler. Nevertheless, the overall slowdown of translation in 2013 is still very necessary. Therefore, the company mainly uses PA polystyrene board (EPS, XPS) which is much lower than polyurethane (PU) rasolid, step, IGES and dxf/dwg to translate the data of most customers. It is said that they prefer Parasolid and step

however, translation software is not the only way to solve all problems. Pathtrace said that they prefer to use CAD Kernals to directly boot files. They believe that only mainstream software such as SolidWorks and pro/e can provide real interoperability

electroform is a company that produces precision multi cavity molds for medical and consumer products. With the help of step conversion files, the company realized the perfect conversion between solid edge (from Unigraphics) and pro/e software that caused stress concentration near the contact point. During this conversion, no data is lost, because step is an entity to entity format. However, according to the company, if customers insist on using surface files, they need to merge the drawings into entity files, which may encounter some problems. When creating IGES files, in order to avoid destroying the integrity of the files, the preferred method is to make step exist in entity format

tech mold believes that the compatibility of translation software is more precise than the software they have used. For example, SolidWorks has stronger direct translation ability; For Parasolid kernal, the conversion between Unigraphics and SolidWorks is easier

okino is a leader in 3-D, CAD, DCC and VISSIM data conversion, viewing and mapping technologies. The company not only puts forward relevant software standards, but also provides various large-scale software conversion tools and complex data re assembly. The CEO of the company said, "most modules can output parasolids, step or IGES files, and MicroStation can also output the final work in step format. It must be admitted that this software is very easy to use for the first time. In terms of input, SolidWorks is the best of this kind of software, and other software can not reach this level."

According to the product manager of Solidworks, great changes have taken place in the application of software in the past 10 years. The first is the parameter recording based on technology. "The transformation of geometric data is not so important, but the data-based elements." The company has opened the data output port for this purpose, allowing other software to read. However, the data consequences of software such as pro/e are troublesome and the protection is very strict, because the software of other competitors is not allowed to read its data. In order to solve this problem, SolidWorks provides a pro/e translator in its software by coordinating with pro/e. The company uses IGES and step to transform geometric information. However, because different mold manufacturers will establish their information-based elements in different ways, the transformation of elements is very difficult. "If there is no equivalent element type, this conversion may fail unless the software used is highly compatible with the systems of other painters."

according to the CEO of Okino, if the data conversion problem really exists, the problem is often caused by the "weak connection" between the two software systems. "The exporter is often the object of blame. Our job is to make the input/output of data 100% perfect, so the focus of our work is still to make the source/target program flawless."

the head of solid edge Department of Unigraphics believes that the problem is not as bad as it is said. He said that solid edge has 17 versions with high interoperability. This is the only CAD software package for the intermediate market. It provides direct modeling capabilities, so it is not necessary to "the history tree". The advantage of direct function is that it can handle complex parameter models without repeating the steps of "history tree"; At the same time, it can also input 3D geometric data information from any source file without inputting features and parameters. For any source file, this software can easily process it, and eliminates the input of external model elements. The introduction of the direct or direct modeling function of solid edge makes the model more intelligent

cocreate software, a leading supplier of CAD and collaborative PLM Software Applications, released service 1 in 2005. This version improves the software sharing performance between different engineering environments. Generally, multi-purpose collaboration tools need to work with various mapping software, such as CAD, cam and CAE. However, the service often encounters version problems, so it becomes very time-consuming and reduces the availability. According to the real-time needs of product development, cocreate has launched a sharing program for the demanding needs of graphics and it environment. Now, cocreate's onespace network can share 3-D CAD files 15 times faster than previous collaboration tools. It is said that another function of the new software package is "cover". This function can create and manage relatively simple process flow within the company, and can also manage complex manufacturer organization structure or complex supply chain. In addition, the "cover" can also supplement the process supporting the core, such as the design cycle. (end)

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