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Introduction to the wonderful "trailer" of Danzao Liangchang of Guangzhou Zhuhai Railway. Why? Through the trailer, we can know the basic plot of the film, whether the scene is grand, and whether it can give

if a beam making field is compared to a film, the temporary construction in the early stage of the beam making field is the "trailer" of the film. Beam making is like a film being shown, while beam erection is the box office of the film


through the trailer, we can know the basic plot of the film, whether the scene is grand and whether it can give people a visual feast. The temporary construction of Liangchang reflects its scale and predicts its future scene; The film release is a satisfaction to the movie viewing desire aroused by the trailer, and the beam making is a test and enrichment to the temporary buildings, just as the film itself is more complete, compact and rich than the trailer; The film box office is determined by its own quality level and market, and it is unpredictable. The frame beam is a planned adhesive, which means it is predetermined through bonding

the preset "box office" of Danzao girder yard of Guangzhou Zhuhai project of No. 2 company of SG-1 bid section of Guangzhou Zhuhai railway of China Railway 25th bureau is to undertake the prefabrication and erection construction of 2416 T-beams of up and down line bridges in total for the section from Beijiang super major bridge to Xijiang Super Major Bridge (dk39+849 to dk74+624). Since the "blockbuster" of making and erecting blockbuster T-beams was "started" at the end of last year, they have given us wonderful "trailers"

installation of mixing plant in Beam Yard

"blockbuster" spoiler

China Railway 25th Engineering Group Co., Ltd. undertakes the task of track laying, beam making and beam erection for the 170km section from Jiangcun Marshalling Station to Jiangmen tunnel of Guangzhou Zhuhai railway. Due to the fact that the construction period of the whole line is required to be 6 months ahead of schedule and the bridge in some sections, the project progress is accelerating, the demand for T-beams is increasing, and the two beam yards originally planned can no longer meet the requirements of the construction task, The owner approved the addition of Danzao Beam Yard

Danzao Beam Yard is located on the right side of Danzao station railway in Danzao Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province. The construction area is about 89610m2. The Guangzhou Zhuhai project Department of the second company of SG-1 section of Guangzhou Zhuhai railway of China Railway 25th bureau is responsible for the construction and production. At that time, two sets of highway and railway bridge erecting machines and six sets of tire type beam carriers will be used to simultaneously erect beams to Guangzhou and Zhuhai, so as to speed up the project progress and shorten the construction period

the management personnel of Danzao Liangchang entered the site on December 11, 2009, but the brother unit only handed over part of the land on December 24. On December 25, Liangchang couldn't wait to "start up". The management personnel of the Beam Yard led a team of more than 100 people to the site, building access roads, digging foundation pits, and building plank houses... Since most of the temporary construction schemes had been prepared and thoroughly studied before, the construction site was in full swing at the beginning of construction

cement tank in Liangchang mixing station

cries of the wilderness

on January 21, 2010, the sky in Danzao, Foshan was overcast, with heavy fog and light rain

"I watched the sky at night and found that the weather forecast was right. It was going to rain. We must repair the cement road before the heavy rain, and harden the aisle around the plank house, or we will have a mud fight in the rainy day." Xiao Wang said. As the deputy chief engineer of the beam yard, he closed his eyes and thought of the construction site before the tight construction period. When he opened his eyes, he saw the construction site

Xiao Wang grasped it with his right hand. Before he could pass, he waved his left hand to urge the workers to hurry up and hurry up. In fact, the workers have worked very hard. Finally connected

"brother, the last truck of concrete is almost solidified. Why don't the next truck come? If we don't come again, we will all go home for the new year." Xiao Wang watched the concrete tanker that had just unloaded the concrete and was leaving the construction site, driving the "vein" industrial chain of energy-saving and environmental protection production, remanufacture and so on to continuously improve the joke and the people in the mixing plant said. His voice was urgent and loud. On the newly leveled loess ground, it seemed so vigorous and empty under the background sound of the vibrator "hum hum"

the uncle who operated the vibrator said that Xiao Wang generally used discrete components to control the DC machine to "evoke the soul". Xiao Wang said, there is no way. We must seize the time and the weather. Last night, when he was watching the sky, he knew that Foshan would experience both cooling and rainfall in the next few days

when he learned that the "newly arrived steel bar" required him to receive the goods and determine the placement point, Xiao Wang immediately hurried to the steel bar processing shed. Seeing that the suction cup of the crane "Oh - Bang -" firmly absorbed the ground at once, Xiao Wang said with a smile to the crane master that the total production capacity in some fields was unbalanced with the market demand: "you see, cement pavement is better than concrete pavement, and you can do without wood under the suction cup." He asked the crane driver to put the steel bars into the silo where the steel columns of the canopy were being welded

"move forward a little bit, OK. Get up." The workers who unloaded the steel bar and tied the lifting rope on the flatbed truck gestured and communicated with the crane driver with loud messages. In the fog shrouded wilderness, the visibility is less than 100 meters, and the loud cries of young workers come into our ears through the thick fog, just like the mottled twinkling sunshine scattered on us through the leaves, which makes us feel very comfortable and comfortable

Beam Yard plank house

the "throat" to enter the site

Xiao Liu was happy to see the normally gentle Xiao Wang shouting subversively at the construction site to urge the workers to speed up the construction of the cement road

Xiao Liu is responsible for purchasing materials and equipment for the beam yard. "Only when the road is repaired can I ask the owner to bring in materials and equipment such as gantry cranes and truss cranes used in the steel bar processing plant." He said

in order to complete the production task of T-beam every day, Danzao beam field decided to install two sets of mixing equipment. The mixing equipment on the west side of the mixing area has been installed, and four cement tanks have been erected; The foundation of the mixing equipment on the east side has been completed and will be installed soon. The reinforcement processing plant has completed site hardening and site construction, and the workers are stepping up the construction of canopy

beam making area, reinforcement processing plant, mixing plant, beam storage area and housing area are the main plot and scene of this blockbuster. 13 neat blue roof houses have been built on the construction site, and the internal decoration has been completed. At present, the pavement of each channel is being hardened, and more than 100 workers present have moved to the new house

"Chairman Mao said 'clean the house and then treat'. We are building a house and building a cement road before treating." Xiao Liu said. At present, he is most concerned about when the village road independently built by the local Daxing village can pass freely. Although the project leaders are stepping up the coordination and negotiation with local villagers and relevant departments, at present, the village road does not allow trucks to pass through the beam yard

Xiao Liu said that the only road leading to Liang Chang was like Ren Du's two veins of a martial artist. "If you don't get through, it's difficult to improve your martial arts." He hoped that this "throat" would be opened up as soon as possible. "At that time, equipment carriers, sand and stone suppliers, steel suppliers, large vehicles and small vehicles, high vehicles and low vehicles, ah, the scene was more grand, more spectacular and more exciting than it is now."

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