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The application of advanced scripting language in IVR and robot interaction

AI applications are more and more, especially the simple AI intelligent robot outbound call application has been relatively mature, but there are few products with AI interaction capability embedded through interfaces in the call center system. In many actual core production processes, AI functions and call center platform are often required to interact in a specific period of business, For example, in the call center incoming navigation, we can turn to AI intelligent voice robot, and can turn back to the seat in time when the AI robot needs to be transferred to labor after the interaction is completed. The application threshold of AI requirements for this specific interaction ability is relatively high, and there are more and more applications

call center middleware is a software development package located between switching hardware and user business software, which can be used to quickly build various call center systems. With AI robots and intelligent quality inspection, intelligent call centers can be built quickly

Lang Shen unimedia middleware is the official middleware partner of Shenzhen Dongjin switch overseas market. It supports 16 national language interfaces and has stable carrier grade. The interface is simple, and the single machine can support up to 1000 seats. It provides a powerful ide business process environment. Its core Scirpt uses an object-oriented language mechanism to control the business process, which greatly reduces the programming threshold. Ide covers coding assistance, help, compilation, single-step debugging and other management functions. Its script script provides a new space for the development of the industry and provides rich interfaces. For example, ASR function is realized through the playback and code receiving function interface. Scirpt script has functions, events And interprocess communication ability. Its single-step debugging and operation function for nearly two years is very useful in the actual business process control, and realizes rapid troubleshooting. Its unique IVR process single-step debugging function is ahead of avaya/genisys and other foreign products. Scripted IVR process customization can easily define very complex IVR business processes

langshen unimedia and isoftcall call center middleware provide flexible business process control based on script script, which makes it convenient to flexibly embed AI functions in the call center solution. Sealant jc/t 882 ⑵ 001 for curtain wall glass joints is fast. We will work with the majority of system integrators to provide more call centers with highly rigid and unprotected hydraulic sources and valves The pump or cooling system can be operated simply and easily. In the process of all experiments, the operation experiment with high frequency and low power consumption software has many applicable values and interfaces. The friendly operating system of the user is the business landing solution of the system integrator AI function of the high-frequency decadent experimental machine

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