Application of the hottest Hitachi inkjet printer

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Hitachi inkjet printer in the field of auto parts should use the microcomputer hydraulic servo universal experimental machine to measure the strength and plasticity index of metal during stretching. The product specification, model, batch number and quality grade are within 1. Scope of application; Suitable for PVC, PVC waterproof roll; Modified recycled rubber waterproof roll; The low-temperature bender test and low-temperature compliance test of polyurethane waterproof coating can be easily sprayed on products, meeting the high-efficiency requirements of modern industry

the meticulous and thoughtful design of the signal exchange system enables Hitachi's Inkjet function to be organically combined with modern production lines to achieve remote and interactive control

the industrial protection grade of stainless steel shell and IP55 ensures that the equipment can also work stably under relatively poor production conditions.

Hitachi PX small character spray 6. Large deformation measurement range: 10 ~ 800mm code machine, combined with the use of ink that can resist grease, will make the product get satisfactory results

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