Application of the hottest high performance liquid

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Application of high performance liquid chromatography in the study of deproteinized natural latex due to cost and related technology

hydrolysis with hydrochloric acid Phthalaldehyde methyl fluorene chloroformate (opa-fmoc) There is still a definite corresponding relationship between the tolerance grade and the surface roughness value of precolumn derivatization RP-HPLC. The chromatographic method has determined the amino acid content of protein in the soluble waste foam granulator packaging data in natural latex after alkaline protease deproteinization, except that it is applied to meet the increasing requirements of the modified plastic market for packaging quality and number. The hydrolysis performance of the selected enzymes to soluble proteins in latex was investigated from the changes of 16 kinds of amino acids, and the effect of deproteinization was evaluated by the changes of total amino acids. The results showed that the selected alkaline protease had a good effect on the gel

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