7 tons of cables disappeared in the most volcanic

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In the valley, 7 tons of cables disappeared. Jingmen Dongbao police detected the "7.24" major cable theft case

Jingchu correspondent Jinhua

the cost of the new production capacity of more than 700 meters and weighing more than 7 tons has greatly increased, and the customized wind power cables disappeared. Who did it and where did the stolen cable go? Where will their next goal be? It took 27 days for Jingmen Dongbao police to hunt for more than 6000 kilometers in four provinces. They stripped the cocoon and found clues. They wiped out eight suspect and cracked a huge cable theft case. At the same time, they also cracked a number of cable theft cases in Zhongxiang, Zhanghe new area and other places, involving a total value of more than 600000 yuan. A criminal gang with careful premeditation, multiple rounds of site visits, cross provincial cooperation, and theft sales was completely destroyed

At about 10 a.m. on July 24, a wind power collection project department located in Xinhua Village, Lixi Town, Jingmen City, another batch of new wind power customized cables were being unloaded. Wang Wei (pseudonym), who was in charge of site care, suddenly found something wrong. The outer packaging of a batch of cables that had previously arrived seemed to be damaged. When he opened it, the whole roll of new cables was only left with empty wooden shelves, Lift another roll of new cable, and only a small circle is left on the wooden shelf

sheath of stolen cable of Lixi wind power. The correspondent provided the picture

"the cable is missing!" Wang Wei's hurried cry made the originally noisy project department suddenly quiet. Call the police quickly. Wang Wei, who was blindfolded, took out the call to dial 110 under the reminder of the workers. After receiving the alarm, Lixi police station rushed to the scene immediately for initial investigation and on-site investigation. The police situation was reported to Dongbao public security branch and the Municipal Public Security Bureau at the same time

it's about enterprises and development. Dongyuhua, deputy mayor of Jingmen Municipal government and director of public security, quickly gave instructions: a deadline of one month to solve the case! At noon on July 24, the "7.24" case investigation team, led by Zhong Xinyu, deputy director of Dongbao public security branch, and the directors of the three institutes of Lixi, Xianju and Mahe, entered Lixi. The German research group ceresana also issued a report, and the investigation work was carried out quickly. "We will not withdraw troops until we kill them", xujinhua, deputy head of Dongbao District and director of public security, put forward a request to the task force

the uninhabited gully site is nowhere to be found

the special class carried out detailed site survey, video research and judgment, investigation and visit in groups. As the crime scene is located in the depths of the mountain, the location is very remote, there is only one household living in the hillside 1 km around, and the nearest video probe is also 10 km away from the scene. In addition, the project department usually has a large number of personnel and vehicles, and the personnel on duty even don't know the specific theft time of the cable. The senseless theft has brought great challenges to the case investigation

after 4 days and nights of continuous rotation, the police visited and investigated more than 80 people, repeatedly screened more than 20 people, compared the extracted biological examination materials and 50 foot prints one by one, retrieved 1t multi capacity video data from 8 peripheral bayonets, checked them frame by frame, and repeated investigation experiments, determined the crime tools, and came to the conclusion that many people committed the crime in groups, and stole after cutting the cable with professional cable cutters. In addition, we never found a clue that made the task force excited

half of the cable in the city was exposed, and five stolen goods salesmen fell

there was no clue at the scene. Where did the stolen goods go? The task force decided to investigate the shops and scrap metal recycling units selling cable cutting pliers in Jingmen and surrounding cities one by one

at about 16:00 p.m. on July 28, in a waste recycling store in Dongbao industrial park that specializes in the purchase of cable skins, a half exposed black cable skin came into the sight of the police. When the police pulled out this distinctive cable skin from the mountain of waste cable skins, and saw that the unique logo on the cable skin was consistent with the stolen cable, the police of the task force suddenly lit up in front of them. There was something wrong. One bundle, two bundles, after cleaning, a full 24 bundles of waste cable skins were all presented in front of the task force. After comparison one by one, this is the skin of the stolen cable of Lixi wind power. The cable skin is here, and the cable copper core wire. The police immediately controlled Du, the owner of the acquisition point, and launched a sudden trial. Du bought the cable skin from a waste recycling store in Jingmen City. Following this key clue, the task force went deep into the area and seized the victory. On the same day, it was unstoppable to capture all the stolen goods sellers, such as Bi, Liu, Huang, etc. After interrogation, it was learned that Mr. Huang had a waste recycling point in chen'an village, Zhongxiang. He directly purchased all the stolen cables in six transactions with three men wearing colorful clothes, masks, hats and tricycles

although Huang claimed that he had never known the three men, there was no doubt that the task force had ushered in a major turnaround

Li Xi committed the crime, Zhong Xiang and Chen an sold the stolen goods, a distance of 45 kilometers, six consecutive days of crazy behavior, who is the theft suspect, where is the foothold, and where the crime vehicle is parked. After the turn of the case, a series of problems are in front of the task force

ambush in the daytime and rise at night, carefully plan the three thieves to escape

no matter how hard it is, it must be gnawed down. After repeatedly studying and judging the data obtained in the early stage, the police of the task force found that the theft suspect disappeared after riding an unlicensed motorcycle to Shuanghe market town, Zhongxiang City every time after selling the stolen goods, so the task force boldly speculated that he should have a foothold in the range from chen'an village to Shuanghe market town. Four kilometers from chen'an village to Shuanghe market town, the police of the special task force searched in many ways on this line, and finally determined that the foothold of the three suspects was located in a small hotel in Shuanghe market town. At the same time, the parking place of the motorcycle was determined. After obtaining a breakthrough video image, the three suspected theft suspect Lu, Li and Zong showed their true colors one by one

group leader Zhong Xin immediately led the police all the way to Woyang County, Bozhou City, Anhui Province, where the suspect Li's registered residence was located. With the strong support and cooperation of Bozhou police, specific details can be consulted on August 1 On the 0th, Li was successfully arrested. Another arrest specialist, composed of Jin Hua, director of Lixi police station, Yang Xin, director of Mahe police station, and Li Tao, director of Xianju police station, first introduced the background information: polimotor class 1, which successively traveled to Yueyang, Hunan, Dongguan, Guangdong, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, Yicheng, Hubei, and arrested all gang members Lu and Zong on August 17 and 21, respectively

in the face of the police who fell from the sky, the three suspect appeared particularly calm and tried to resist tenaciously, refusing to explain. However, in the face of conclusive evidence and a strong interrogation offensive, the psychological defense line of the three theft suspects collapsed across the board, not only truthfully confessing the whole process of theft in Lixi, but also confessing the fact that they fled to Zhongxiang, Lengshui, Zhanghe and other places to steal cables in June this year, The other two suspect who tried to buy stolen goods for small profits fell together

Lu, Li and Zong all have previous convictions of theft and robbery. Except that Lu is a local, Li is from Anhui, Zong is from Yunnan and lives in Zhejiang. Lu and Zong were former inmates. After they were released from prison, they worked together in Guangdong to find new "opportunities" to commit crimes. Lu, who thought he was smart, carefully analyzed the "market situation", summed up the lessons of previous failures, and thought that finding more remote construction sites for wind power projects would not fail. They successively visited places around Wuhan, Yueyang in Hunan, Datong in Shanxi, Xianning in Hubei, Suizhou, Shiyan and so on. When Lu finally went to Lixi, Jingmen to find the "best" crime location, the three quickly gathered and bought two unlicensed motorcycles in Yicheng. They bought crime tools, contacted stolen goods selling points, carefully planned and rehearsed repeatedly. From July 15 to 20, in the early morning of every day, the three wore camouflage suits, hats and masks. After dressing up, they took two motorcycles. When they arrived at the crime site, they hid the car first, walked into the project department, divided their work, cut off the cable, and loaded enough tricycles to go straight to the sales point contacted in advance. They thought that the God of the crime in the deep mountains was unaware, but they didn't expect to escape and be captured within a month

at present, five major suspect have been arrested with the approval of Dongbao Procuratorate on suspicion of theft and concealment of crimes, and the case is under further investigation

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