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Don't demonize the air conditioning market and small and medium-sized enterprises

the competition in the air conditioning market has developed from fierce to fierce. It doesn't appear in 2019. Which year in the past 20 years is not the case. Outside the "big and small cycles" of the air conditioning industry, the industrial and market competition has been very intense

the delisting of microenterprises and investment model brands has been going on in the air conditioning market for more than a decade, but we can't let the household appliance industry and market environment in 2019 "back the pot", only to blame a large number of enterprises for the speculation of hydraulic parts in the air conditioning market

we cannot simply equate the current development trend of the air conditioning market with the development track of the home appliance market; The particularity of air-conditioning products and the universality of commercial applications are bound to be independent of the household appliance industry due to the limitations of the equipment itself, and go out of a round of self-development market

recently, in the competition in the home appliance market in 2019, around the "most lively" air-conditioning market in recent years, there have been various voices of declamation and even demonization, which are mainly concentrated in two aspects: first, the air-conditioning retail market will continue to deteriorate, and the days will become more and more difficult. A large number of small, medium-sized and micro enterprises will face a reshuffle, and 19 will become the year of reshuffle for air-conditioning enterprises; Second, after the fierce market competition, a new round of low price war will be held. China Rubber Industry Association will publicly release tire classification standards, tire label management regulations and tire label styles of China Rubber Industry Association at the activities of the second green tire safety week. In particular, Gree, Midea and other industry giants will "wash" the first-line market with low price war

do not agree with the above views. The above series of comments are only for the purpose of "attracting attention", completely ignoring the development status of the air conditioning industry and the competitive strength of air conditioning enterprises. Although compared with 2018 and 2017, the development of China's air conditioning industry and market will face a round of continuous challenges and impacts in 2019. However, the fundamentals of the air-conditioning industry have not deteriorated, and the mainstream enterprises in the air-conditioning industry have not changed dramatically. They are still adjusting and transforming themselves in a relatively healthy and safe box

for the development and trend of the air conditioning market in 2019, all enterprises and businesses should not lose confidence and hope, let alone simply and roughly equate the development and changes of the air conditioning industry with the trend of the home appliance industry. Looking at the market-oriented development track and cyclical fluctuations of the air conditioning industry over the past 30 years, it is clear that the air conditioning market can often come out of a new market driven by self independence: looking for a cross passage and support point from quantitative change to qualitative change in the adjustment, and the structural transformation from a single largest scale to a high-quality and profitable performance

in the first-line market, it can be clearly seen that in the process of purchasing household appliances, only multiple air conditioners are often purchased, ranging from 1, 2 to 3, 4, and the cabinets are hung together; In all other home appliance categories, it is rarely possible to purchase more than 2 sets at one time, mostly one set; It is the particularity of this business scenario that has led to the birth of Gree, a 100 billion enterprise in the air conditioning industry, and nearly 100 billion Midea, as well as Haier and oaks, all of which are about tens of billions of yuan; In ice washing and other industries, there are often so many 100 billion or nearly 100 billion enterprises in the air conditioning industry. Even the color TV giants Hisense and TCL are only more than 30 billion, and it is difficult to break through the 50 billion mark

this situation will increase the continuous power and support for the air conditioning industry with the help of "large and small cycles" of wave expansion. Especially in recent years, under the tide of consumption upgrading, the upgrading of cities and the new demand of county and town markets have jointly achieved "another peak" in the scale of the air conditioning industry in the past three years. It can be said that the huge population consumption upgrading bonus in the Chinese market and the special scenario application bonus of air conditioning products jointly contribute to the continuous expansion of the industrial scale. This also determines that even if the external economic environment and internal market situation are uncertain in 2019, the air conditioning industry can develop steadily on a large-scale platform, rather than a sharp decline

as we all know, not only the air conditioning industry, but also the whole household appliance market, the current low price means of competition can no longer solve the current problems of sluggish demand and weak rebound in the terminal market. Because price is no longer the core means to save the home appliance market and enterprises. Even under the pressure of growth, Gree and Midea will never be able to "shuffle the market with low price means" at any time, and return to the old road of "continued decline in profit and loss" that year. Similarly, even if oaks, Hisense and Zhigao brands unilaterally adopt price competition, the effect will not be obvious. Therefore, the price war will not become the main theme of the air conditioning market in 2019

for example, for Gree, its channel inventory is huge, and the policy is to secure it every month. Once the terminal price is reduced, how can the previous commercial inventory make up the difference, and how can the interests of many agents and direct dealers be guaranteed? Similarly, Midea is currently in a critical period of product structural adjustment, and has long gone through the development stage of grabbing scale with price. At present, Midea is seeking market strength step by step through product leadership. In addition, Haier has never participated in price competition in the past 20 years, and periodic price concessions and concessions may occur, but it is absolutely impossible to directly reduce prices to harm the reputation and status of the brand

in this case, the market environment in 2019 will be a lot of challenges and pressure for air conditioning manufacturers, but there will never be an industrial deep decline crisis and out of control, and the entire industry scale will be adjusted and optimized "sideways" on the basis of 2018; Although the competition between large, medium, small and micro enterprises will be more intense, large and medium-sized enterprises will not continue to be stupid enough to "take low prices" to sprint to the market and consumers, which is undoubtedly "lifting a rock and hitting their own feet". No air-conditioning manufacturer will do "loss trading"

recently, apple adopted a price war to activate user demand for the first time after entering the Chinese market for many years. However, for Chinese air conditioning enterprises, it is obvious that this means has completely failed and cannot achieve a fundamental effect. This also shows from one side that the complexity and diversity of the air conditioning market can never be solved by simply falling or lowering prices

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