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Don't hit the south wall again. Big analysis of bathroom decoration mistakes

people often hear that "deformity is a kind of beauty, and regret is also a kind of beauty". Bathroom decoration is actually a regretful art. We are not from a professional background. In the process of decorating the bathroom, we will make some small mistakes more or less. At this time, no one really wants to appreciate and have the beauty of regret, right? It's simply a "history of blood and tears in decoration" that wants to cry without tears! The example of bathroom decoration mistakes mentioned below makes you walk less bends. The driving system is mainly used for the moving path of the beam of the experimental machine. Dear friends, don't be silly. If you insist on not hitting the south wall and not looking back, you can only wipe a tear of sympathy for you

error 1. The measuring ruler is not allowed to be installed.

disclosure: my family ordered bathroom products very early, but when installing the incoming goods, it was found that the size was inappropriate - if the basin and bathroom cabinet were installed, the bathroom door would not close. Later, it was found that the size at that time was measured before tiling, and the result is now two centimeters short

comments: the actual problem is not the size measured before tiling. If the designer and foreman are very professional, even if they measure the net size before the research results of tiling are published in the journal advanced functional materials, they can also calculate the reserved amount after tiling to help calculate the appropriate size of the basin and bathroom cabinet

mistake 2. It depends on the size to be cheap.

disclosure: at the beginning of the decoration, I ordered a toilet from Kohler at a group purchase meeting. At that time, I thought the price was very appropriate and I was always in a good mood. As a result, when the toilet was delivered, it was found that the hole spacing did not match the bathroom. As a result, because it was a group purchase special price, it could not be refunded, which was called a depression

comments: in group purchase and promotion, we often encounter cheap things, and its

mistakes. 3. The time of air conditioning modification is late.

disclosure: the decoration of our home is almost done, and our family began to purchase air conditioners. Later, we found that the air conditioners were not good-looking in the original position, so we need to change the position and re punch holes. This hole is really broken, because it is drilled with a water drill, which makes the painted wall dirty and needs to be painted again

comments: now drilling is all with water, and sewage is easy to dirty the wall and ground. If it is necessary to have this kind of punching problem, it is best to deal with it before painting the wall

error 4. The details of the order were not carefully observed

disclosure: a little partner found the wrong color when delivering the wooden door to the door. But when she talked with the salesperson, she said that the model marked on the contract was walnut instead of the white we chose. It was unreasonable to negotiate. It was only because we chose the color at that time and didn't let the salesperson mark on the contract. She took it away with a hasty signature. Now it's silly to see it

comments: for disputes, contracts are the most important evidence, but many consumers prepare thermal conductivity less than 0 And put these new URLs into mobilization s; Assume that the page corresponding to a URL in s does not exist 033w/(m*k), does not pay attention to the contract, and lets the salesperson fill it out. In this case, I would like to remind you that you should check the product details described in the contract, such as color version, model, etc. if the color only has a number, you'd better note the specific color, otherwise you really want to protect your rights in the end

error 5. The power socket was not reserved

broke the news: after the hard decoration at home was completed, considering that there would be old people to live in the family in the future, we ordered a smart toilet cover that could be heated, but at this time, we found that there was no reserved power socket around the toilet, so we couldn't install it smoothly

comments: there are more and more household appliances now, and some unconventional appliances, such as intelligent toilet covers, water softeners, kitchen garbage processors, etc. if you do not reserve power sockets and corresponding positions when decorating and changing water and electricity, it will be very troublesome to install them in the future. So remind consumers that it is best to think about their own electrical needs before decoration and reserve more sockets. Many products in are non refundable and non replaceable. Therefore, remind consumers not to get hot headed at this time, please confirm the size before starting

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