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Don't be a consumer who buys and returns pearls

the stories of buying and returning pearls can't be completely covered up and familiar. This story is used as a metaphor for lack of eyesight and improper choice. When it comes to the story of "buying a coin and returning a pearl", everyone laughs at the choice of Zheng people. Who knows that in real life, many consumers are following Zheng's footsteps. At present, over packaged goods are selling well in the market, and many consumers are following the trend and flocking to them. Some people will say that the two cannot be equated. We are keen to buy over packaged goods, but how can we be the same as Zheng people who only repackage jewelry? Otherwise, behind the excessive packaging, we will lose more than oneortwo products

however, the moon cake quilt of several yuan was covered with gorgeous packaging boxes decorated with gold foil and painted with gold, and then sold at several times higher prices. Of course, packaging is to protect goods and beautify the appearance, but after all, we pay for goods rather than packaging. If the cost of packaging greatly exceeds the cost of products, it is an infringement on the rights and interests of consumers. What's more, some operators take advantage of consumers' psychology of focusing on packaging, only focusing on packaging and ignoring product quality, which will bring greater harm to consumers. Excessive packaging cannot change the inherent quality of goods. Although we have not lost goods, we have lost consumer rights that are much more valuable than goods

now, when shopping for gifts, it seems that the more beautiful and exquisite the packaging, the more sincere you can show yourself. As a result, the more luxurious the commodity packaging is, the more high-end the packaging is, and the price is also rising all the way. Consumers know that goods are not affordable, but due to vanity and other factors, they still prefer goods with gorgeous packaging. China has always advocated the national style of frugality and simplicity. In the face of our increasingly severe living environment and increasingly scarce resources, over packaging has led to the abnormal consumption psychology of consumers. 2. Many products are used in a way that is very uncoordinated with the construction of a conservation oriented society we advocate. The luxury and comparison brought about by over packaging will make our cobalt prices continue to rise and lose the most precious folk customs, It will also affect the healthy development of our whole society

it can be said that excessive packaging has become the initiator of human and ecological destruction. If we don't realize the seriousness of the problem, then we are not just as simple as Zheng people just lost a pearl. There is a well-known slogan, we only have one earth, it is OK to lose a pearl, but what about losing our earth

the story of "buying a coin and returning a pearl" is still being interpreted by us. It is imperative to refuse excessive packaging. Consumers should establish a healthy consumption psychology of requiring a large number of flame retardants for fire fighting, be more rational in the face of over packaged goods, refuse more times, and do not become consumers who buy and return beads. Less waste of resources and less packaging waste are very beneficial to our country and ourselves. Why not

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