Don't break the blind box of the ticket

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Don't break the ticket blind box

release date: 20211 Temperature measurement range: 300 ° ~ +1200 ° - source: China's economy - the economy

the domestic tourism market is gradually recovering. Airlines and travel agencies hope to stimulate demand through marketing. Whether it is the previous "xinxinfei" or blind box, it is to stimulate consumption

the reason for choosing the blind box is that it is one of the most recognized consumption styles of young people at present. In recent years, with the popularity of blind boxes, "out of the ring", all kinds of blind boxes have seized the market heights, harvesting the hearts of a large number of young consumers. Data from AI media consulting shows that the global trend toy market has increased from 74.97 billion in 2017 to 124.74 billion in 2019, and is expected to reach 249.48 billion in 2023. Travel blind box is a category of blind box economy

like all blind boxes, the biggest attraction of ticket blind boxes is surprise. Any day in 30 days, any time in 24 hours a day, any one of more than 200 cities in China, combined, amplifies the sense of adventure and novelty in ordinary life. At the same time, the price of the ticket blind box is cheap enough to make consumers feel that the value for money, and rats will bite the cable, greatly reducing the psychological burden of user participation. And this risk is almost zero cost - dissatisfied with the second back. All these make the ticket blind box a new product that has attracted wide attention in the tourism industry in recent years

at the same time, we should also see that the reason why the ticket blind box is so cheap is that the platform subsidizes the price difference, so in essence, this is a "new" marketing means. It's understandable that platforms invest in people and property and want to get traffic, but some platforms have deviated a little for traffic, which has affected the consumer experience. This symptom is not good. If there are too many ways to recover to the required flow in real time, graphene will be used by consumers a little bit in the field of related power equipment, and the ticket blind box may be destroyed soon

at present, there is still a certain heat in the blind box of air tickets and hotel. However, any marketing means will change from new people to old people, so new ways of playing will be constantly introduced in the market. How long the ticket blind box can be hot depends ultimately on the product quality, whether consumers can get benefits, and whether it can be continuously recognized by the market

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