Don't ignore the influence of printing on the comp

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Don't ignore the impact of printing on the compressive strength of corrugated boxes

compressive strength is an important index to evaluate the performance of corrugated ink "> cartons, specifically refers to the three-dimensional placement of an empty corrugated box, evenly pressing its two sides until the maximum pressure that the box can withstand when it collapses. The factors that affect the compressive strength of corrugated boxes include the type of raw materials, carton structure, molding process, logistics factors, etc. among them, ink">As a part of the molding process, the influence of printing on the strength of cartons is in the industry. 3. Process realization function: the experimental process, measurement, display, etc. are all realized by single chip microcomputer; It has been recognized

in recent years, with the development of printing technology, some enterprises believe that the impact of printing on the compressive strength of cartons is becoming smaller and smaller, even negligible. In this regard, the inspection and quarantine department conducted a special comparative sampling test on the compressive strength of corrugated boxes before and after printing. A group of pre printing and post printing carton samples produced recently were randomly selected from 9 export corrugated box enterprises, with a total of 9 groups. Compared with two samples in each group, the paper, structure, process and storage conditions are the same. The only difference is that one of the samples has passed the currently widely used soft 3 Friction and wear testing machine: one printing method with relatively less consumption is printed, and the other is not printed. The test results show that among the nine groups of data, except for one group of printed cartons, the other eight groups of printed cartons have different degrees of influence on the compressive strength, and the most significant one is that the compressive strength of printed cartons has decreased by 11.9% compared with that before printing. It can be seen that the influence of printing on the compressive strength of corrugated boxes can not be ignored

the inspection and Quarantine Department reminded relevant enterprises to pay attention to the impact of joint brush formed by printing and titanium alloy end plate on the compressive performance of cartons: first, we should fully understand the performance of packaged products and the requirements for packaging and transportation; Second, determine the printing method, pressure, area, shape, position and other elements in advance before production; Third, determine the pressure and other data indicators through pre proofing, and estimate the possible impact of sudden heat cooling printing on the compressive performance of cartons; Fourth, the selection of raw paper and the improvement of the grade of face paper or corrugated core paper are used to make up for the impact of printing on compressive properties

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