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Don't let excessive packaging disturb the market before the festival

the Spring Festival is approaching. Although we don't need to prepare large quantities of new year goods as before, we still need to buy some special foods. In order to meet the needs of the general public, many manufacturers have launched special holiday packaging. It seems that people can't put it down. Among them, there are many kinds of goods, which cater to the tastes of different consumers. However, behind the abundance of commodities in the market, there are disharmonious notes beating. Some unscrupulous businesses, taking advantage of people's psychology of only looking at the packaging and not looking at the content, cheat consumers wantonly by printing exquisite packaging. While obtaining illegal gains, it has greatly infringed on the interests of citizens, which is really at the expense of others

how to solve this problem, of course, first of all, the quality supervision department needs to strengthen management. During festivals, the workload of the quality inspection department will increase rapidly. The main problem is that the market circulation speed is accelerated, and the volume of goods is increased, and there is no lack of fake and shoddy goods, which need to be carefully checked and eliminated as far as possible, so as to maintain market order and protect the rights and interests of consumers. More importantly, we should mobilize the masses, encourage citizens to supervise and report, and severely crack down on merchants selling fake and shoddy goods. We should deal with each case one by one, and start from the source. Manufacturers producing fake and shoddy goods should be disqualified from market access. Eliminating the source of substandard goods can effectively purify the market and provide consumers with a good shopping environment

for consumers themselves, they should also abandon the bad habit of taking things by appearance. In the past, those commodities whose color and appearance exceed the conventional ones are often caused by later processing. Waxed apples, steamed buns smoked with sulfur, seafood soaked in formalin, beef and chicken injected with water, and boxed gifts. It looks so fresh and charming. But in essence, it is the external scandal of gold and jade, which requires us to carefully distinguish with open and wise eyes to avoid being deceived. To buy new year products, one is to buy special products, and more importantly, to buy health. If you buy products with excessive additives or with special treatment by spent fuel reprocessing technicians, it will not only be harmful to your body, but even cause harm to your body, which will cause great trouble. It's not worth the loss to suffer and destroy the beautiful holiday atmosphere. I also advise those profiteers who are bent on getting into the eyes of money not to have no moral conscience, not to take consumer health seriously, and to understand the ancient motto of not reaching out and being caught when reaching out

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