Don't let fake diatom mud harm your home

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Don't let fake diatom mud harm your home

don't let fake diatom mud harm your home

July 2, 2014

[China paint information] with the improvement of living standards, people's consumption ideas have changed significantly, and environmental protection and low carbon have become the trend of modern home decoration. Among them, an environmental friendly coating called diatom mud has become the focus of many young people

diatom mud first came from Japan and began to enter the Chinese market in 2003. It is said that this kind of natural interior wall decoration material, which is innovatively developed for the treatment of indoor pollution, takes diatom soil formed for hundreds of millions of years as raw material, has strong adsorption and ion exchange, and has the functions of removing odor, fire prevention and flame retardance, adjusting humidity, decomposing formaldehyde, sterilization and disinfection, heat insulation and energy saving, reducing noise, etc., so it is very popular

however, the products of diatom mud on the market are uneven, not only the price is wide, but also the true and false are difficult to distinguish, which makes consumers want to buy but dare not to buy. Many people doubt that the so-called "environmentally friendly paint" is just a beautiful lie

the domestic diatom mud market is full of chaos

we visited many decoration and building materials markets and found that there are many brands of diatom mud. Each brand said its own was the best, but what brand of diatom mud is the best? Is diatom mud really environmentally friendly? These have become questions in the hearts of consumers

the current chaos in the diatom mud market has made many consumers "afraid to pay". For example, although the diatom mine is claimed to be from Changchun, Jilin Province, the price difference is threeorfour times. The cheaper one is 80 or 90 yuan per square meter, the expensive one is 200 or 300, or even 451 square meters, and there is even an ultra-low price of 50 or 60 yuan per square meter

moreover, although diatom mud merchants have promoted the environmental protection functions of their products under the flags of "breathable wall", "pure natural pollution-free", "one wall is better than a green forest", they can't provide evidence for the above effects of products. Many salespeople just say, "There is no way to demonstrate on site, but you can rest assured that after the decoration of the house, you can find a professional testing organization to test. If there is a problem, our business will be fully responsible."

among various brands, there is also a severe "pinch". Some brands said that adding photocatalyst can make diatom mud give full play to the role of decomposing formaldehyde; However, other brands said that diatom mud with high purity can release negative oxygen ions, which can well decompose and adsorb formaldehyde without chemical additives, and claimed that "chemical additives will block the gap of diatom mud, and also release formaldehyde, leading to secondary pollution."

what's more confusing is that some interviewed brands such as "Dajin" and "quanjiamei" said that as long as they can scrape off and reuse, they are real diatom mud, otherwise they are mixed with putty powder or shell powder. However, brands such as "cromway" said that their diatom mud cannot be reused after being put on the wall, because the diatom mud is pure natural without preservatives, and will deteriorate after adding water to produce bacteria and stink

some businesses even scoff at the name "the main drafting unit of China's diatom mud wall material industry standard", saying, "the standard drafting unit is nothing big, as long as you pay money, you can become one of the drafting units." Said a businessman who did not want to be named

the first diatom mud industry standard was issued

on September 1 this year, China's first diatom mud industry standard "the joint development and Reform Commission and other departments issued the" action plan for the development of automotive power battery industry "and diatom mud decorative wall materials". This standard has a clear definition of diatom mud, as well as its usability, functionality Environmental protection has been clearly stipulated

in this standard, diatom mud is clearly defined for the first time: a dry powder interior wall decoration coating material prepared with inorganic cementitious material as the main bonding material and diatom material as the main functional filler

at the same time, its usability is explained as follows: first, diatom mud must have a certain bonding strength. Therefore, inorganic cementitious substances must be added to the materials. Secondly, the product also needs to have a certain temperature and humidity resistance, mainly to ensure that the diatom mud will not age and fall off after periodic temperature and humidity changes in the actual use environment

in addition, diatomite mud, such as PC, peek and other high-performance modified plastics have significant environmental protection in the use of electronic appliances. Because diatomite itself does not contain harmful substances such as formaldehyde and benzene homologues, the content of harmful substances is strictly limited in the standard. The standard points out that harmful substances should be below the detection limit, that is, the content of volatile organic compounds should be less than 1g/kg, the sum of benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene and xylene should be less than 50mg/kg, free formaldehyde should be less than 5mg/kg, and soluble heavy metals should be less than 10mg/kg

inspection method

"the so-called diatomite mud produced by some manufacturers, (3) there is no diatomite component at all when pouring concrete with strength grade not less than C20 in the pit." The diatom mud industry standard points out that diatom components should be "detectable"

The price of brand diatom mud is mostly high, which is determined by the scarcity of the main raw material diatomite. The storage of high-quality diatomite is limited, and the production process is relatively complex, so the price is slightly higher than that of latex paint and wallpaper. If consumers encounter "diatomite mud" with an absurdly low price, they should buy it carefully. Diatom mud, which only sells for dozens of yuan per square meter, is likely to add impurities such as lime. The identification method is also very simple: dissolve it in water and test it with pH test paper. You will know that the real diatom mud is neutral, and the one with lime is alkaline

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