Don't abandon the basics and seek truth from facts

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Don't forget the basics and seek truth from facts to boost the development of construction machinery

China's construction machinery industry should strictly avoid discarding the basics and chasing the details, in short. It is still necessary to operate enterprises in accordance with the objective laws of the development of the industry in a pragmatic manner, so as to promote the healthy and orderly development of the entire industry

all major media have broadcast one recently. This is a message about the changes in the content of the training subjects of the Chinese people's Liberation Army. The author also remembers the main idea that the training courses, which once won many honors for the army and were popular among officers and soldiers, such as opening red bricks at the head, breaking wooden sticks at the back, steel needles through glass, and reinforcing bar carts at the top of the throat, are now fading out of the training ground of a special combat brigade of the Beijing Military Region

the brigade cut out these performance courses when formulating the training plan. In this regard, at the beginning of 2014. Zhang Aijun, commander of the brigade, explained that fighting is not a performance, and the training of troops must be closely related to the actual situation of operations, so as to strengthen the skills urgently needed in fighting. The author believes that this move of the brigade is completely correct, as Chairman Mao said a few decades ago, a classic saying that revolution is not a treat! So, from this point of view, the brigade finally cancelled these performance courses, which is to avoid giving up the basics and ignoring the details. This is the best report on the chairman's pragmatic attitude that year, and it is also responsible for the whole Chinese people

if you don't pay attention to the fundamental links, what's the point of discarding the basics? Its original meaning is to abandon the fundamental primary and pursue the secondary metaphor for things. But only on minor issues. As far as the construction machinery industry in which the author works is concerned, at present, although there are various favorable policies, and a set of technical materials: operation instructions, certificates, packing lists, and warranty cards, the city has begun to transform, and the construction projects of rail transit and farmland water conservancy have been launched, the construction machinery industry in 2014 is still in a low-level state. At present, the biggest problem facing China's construction machinery industry is how to digest the huge inventory caused by overcapacity, the weak competitiveness of high-end equipment caused by the lack of core technology advantages, and the weak promotion of transformation and upgrading caused by the decline of scale

these three problems mentioned above are the urgent problems to be solved in China's construction machinery industry. The author believes that. Undoubtedly, this is the key problem or contradiction in idioms. How to solve these problems? The author thinks that enterprises of different sizes, types and characteristics have different product advantages and market survival methods. Therefore, when dealing with the situation of industry downturn and overcapacity, the strategies given are also different. With regard to small enterprises visiting several large supermarkets and farmers' markets in Hefei, it is found that the production scale and the number of employees between the competitive gaps of many large and medium-sized enterprises are not very large, Moreover, the types of products will not be as perfect as large enterprises, but the foothold of these products is the advantage of differentiation. After all, even the products of large enterprises cannot completely cover all the construction landforms. What we need to do is to continue to improve the scientific and technological content of our products, maximize the differentiated advantages of our products in the market, and strengthen our service capabilities. This is the right way to deal with it. For large and medium-sized construction machinery enterprises, if they want to get rid of this difficult situation, they should start from two aspects, one is global strategy, the other is to dig deep into China's internal market. As mentioned above, at present, many large and medium-sized cities in China have begun to transform, and rail transit and irrigation and water conservancy construction projects are constantly launched. This is the opportunity for large-scale construction machinery. In addition, since 2012, the three giants of China's construction machinery XCMG, Zoomlion and sany have received frequent overseas purchases. They have been very pleased to see that China has become the world's first concrete machinery power, and caterpillar has focused on the global strategy, Let it grow against the trend many times, which is the Enlightenment of the global strategy to the industry

the reason is that the competitiveness of high-end equipment is not strong due to the lack of core technology advantages. It seems that this problem is more involved. Many industry customers know that there is a big gap between the key technologies of transmission parts, control parts, engines, especially hydraulic parts, and foreign countries in terms of the current overall level of equipment manufacturing in China. The most fundamental reason for this huge gap has been mentioned by the author in many previous industry analysis articles, that is, 2. Ambient temperature: 10 ℃ ~ 40 ℃. Compared with the west, the research on basic industrial disciplines in China is still very backward. Many studies in China only stay at the application level and are not deeply rooted in the professional field of the college. As a result, many scientific and technological research and development in China are highly utilitarian. In the long run, This is unfavorable for the development of the whole construction machinery industry. To change this situation, we should fundamentally strengthen the research level of corresponding disciplines in China, which needs to be implemented for a long time. For most industry enterprises, it is feasible to introduce technology or overseas mergers and acquisitions. After introducing foreign technology, we can constantly digest and improve it, which can quickly improve our core technology level

the author believes that the promotion work in this aspect is the most difficult, because the transformation and upgrading are not promoted effectively due to the complete abandonment of a model and the decline of scale. The process of establishing another new survival mode is to undergo repeated and honed transformation and upgrading, which is the key task of many enterprises at present. Originally, one product dominates the world, but now there are multiple roads in parallel; It used to be dominated by sales, but now it should gradually change to dominated by service. In this regard, the author believes that it is still necessary to adhere to the policy of gradual progress. It is impossible for enterprises to completely change from the original sales oriented mode to the post market mode with the largest market share like Caterpillar, which requires a process. At present, the main task is to improve the scientific and technological content of products, and services are still positioned as supporting products. Only by improving the product quality and service quality bit by bit, can we truly become market-oriented and promote the development of enterprises in the future

the author has made a more detailed discussion above. The author still wants to remind the vast number of construction machinery practitioners and industry enterprises of the three problems and countermeasures. Special attention should be paid to discarding the basics and discarding the details. For example, marketing should pay attention to a suitable degree. The necessary means of sales is also the way for enterprises to build brands. However, if we do not grasp its relationship with product technology research and development and upgrading, it may appear discarding the basics and discarding the details, which deviates from the direction of enterprise development. Similar to marketing is service. Although my ideal situation is to make profits through the post market, as far as the current state of China's industry development is concerned, it has not yet developed to the extent that the highly flexible carbon fiber fabric and polyamide (PA) resin have achieved composite molding. Enterprises cannot create post market brands and post market, especially service, should first be positioned as the support of enterprise products, Solve customers' worries

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