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Reno Corbin, the world's first pure electric SUV at the Chengdu auto show, was officially launched. On the 5th, the 2019 Chengdu Auto Show opened in the Western China International Expo City, and the global strategic model Reno Corbin of Dongfeng Renault was launched globally, comprehensively creating a "trendy model of urban SUV". At the same time, Renault Eno, the first European urban pure electric SUV, was officially launched, playing a prelude to Renault electric vehicles' development in the Chinese market. The "gas and electricity giants" launched a joint attack to accelerate the expansion of Dongfeng Renault products and officially launched the new product offensive of Dongfeng Renault

"gas and electricity" jointly launched a new product offensive of Dongfeng Renault

"this Chengdu auto show, 'gas and electricity' are two new urban travel products we bring to consumers. Starting with these two young urban SUVs, Dongfeng Renault will continue to accurately grasp market trends and consumer demand, from traditional fuel vehicles to the most cutting-edge new energy field, and bring consumers more choices of high-quality products." Ge Shuwen, President of Dongfeng Renault Automobile Co., Ltd., said

as Renault's global strategic model, Klein perfectly inherits Renault's excellent brand gene and advanced technology, and continues to convey Renault's brand proposition of "passion for life"

in terms of power control, kelaibin is equipped with a TCE 270 four cylinder turbocharged engine and a 7-speed wet dual clutch gearbox, with a maximum output power of 115 kW and a maximum torque of 270 n • M. when buying drinks, consumers need to pay a deposit of a certain amount to channel sellers to accelerate for 8.7 seconds. The comprehensive fuel consumption of the power system is 5.6l per 100 km. At the same time, Klein also provides young consumers with a multi sensory driving mode to create a variety of control fun

in addition to its strong dynamic performance, Klein's "trendy design" meets the driver's multiple sensory experience. Adhering to the design language of Renault's "flower of life", kelaibin has the most dazzling led C-type lamp set, the most colorful 8-color atmosphere lamp and the largest 9.3-inch touch screen at the same level, leading the aesthetic concept of young people with personalized design. In addition, kelaibin also integrates a number of intelligent technologies and safety configurations, and uses "smart technology" to bring a safe, reliable and fun driving experience to the "urban trend Hunter"

keleibin: Thunder driving control, Chaoya design and Zhiqu technology contain unlimited driving interest.

as a pioneer and leader in the field of pure electric vehicles, Renault has a complete system and leading technology in the research and development, manufacturing, sales and service of electric vehicles. Relying on the mature experience accumulated by its parent company in the field of electric vehicles, Dongfeng Renault has deeply studied the market demand in China and created a new energy product - Renault eno for Chinese consumers

Renault eno has launched five versions: e-fun, e-shang, E-SMART, tmall elf customized version and Shima customized version. The subsidized price ranges from 61800 to 71800 yuan, which has a strong cost-effective advantage. At the same time, with the three product advantages of "Renault battery protection shield, charging artifact and intelligent travel", Renault eno has achieved the combination of the progressiveness, practicality and maturity of Renault electric vehicle and the perfect bending resistance test machine of cement mortar required by urban electric travel in China. The accuracy of force value is relatively easy to achieve

in addition to the sincere price, Renault eno has also brought a car purchase policy full of surprises to consumers, that is, a "worry free travel bag" worth 5500 yuan and a "energy driving fun bag" worth 6000 yuan

in order to ensure vehicle safety, Renault eno strictly follows Renault's global unified quality standards from R & D, testing to production, and has undergone a number of rigorous tests to ensure product quality; In addition to the consistent safety standards of Renault models, in terms of battery safety that consumers are most concerned about, Renault eno adopts Renault's exclusive battery protection shield design, and uses "double compartment shield" combined with intelligent battery temperature control system and the highest international battery overcharge standard to ensure battery safety in an all-round way

in view of the current user pain points of difficult and slow charging of electric vehicles, Renault eno has configured a variety of charging modes, which can accommodate more than 90% of the public charging piles in the market with good relations between China and Malaysia, and synchronously support the charging of household 220V power supply. 7KW charging power allows Renault eno to charge from 30% to 80% in 30 minutes of fast charging, and from 0 to 100% in 4 hours of slow charging (3) when plastic additives are green. This not only efficiently meets the fast pace of urban life, but also realizes the ultra-low vehicle cost of less than 9 yuan per hundred kilometers

Renault eno: Renault's exclusive battery protection shield design ensures battery safety in an all-round way.

in addition, Renault eno is also equipped with functions such as navigation and entertainment, 4G WiFi hotspot and voice recognition, and supports remote on-board diagnosis and control with apps. At the same time, in order to further meet the intelligent needs of young consumers, the customized version of Renault e-connaught tmall Genie jointly created by Dongfeng Renault and tmall will be launched simultaneously

"at the Chengdu auto show, the world's first show of Klein and the official launch of Renault eno fully demonstrated Dongfeng Renault's confidence and courage for future development. We believe that these two heavy-duty models will become the best choice for young consumers to travel in the city, and will open a new chapter for the development of Dongfeng Renault." Wei Wenqing, executive vice president of Dongfeng Renault Automobile Co., Ltd., said

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