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In recent years, European food pollution incidents have continued, and consumers are particularly concerned about the safety of food. In order to safeguard the rights and interests of consumers, the French government has taken a number of measures to ensure food safety, one of which is to make clear provisions on the packaging instructions of food (including imported food)

according to the regulations, in addition to the commercial name of the food, the legal name of the food must also be marked on the food package. For example, a kind of multi flavor yogurt, although the manufacturer can arbitrarily determine a business name to attract consumers, it must be clearly marked that it is yogurt. Yogurt is the legal name of this kind of food. Raw home is like a sweet cake, and the manufacturer must not deceive consumers with any dazzling name

the weight or volume of food must be clearly marked on the prominent position of the packaging box. The volume of the packaging box must be consistent with the volume of the food itself, and it is not allowed to use boxes that exceed the volume of the food itself, so as to avoid consumers having a clear understanding of the unit price of food. When the dealer marks the zero point of the commodity price first, it must indicate the price per kilogram or per liter

the content of various components constituting this kind of food must be marked on the food package and arranged in the order of content. Spices, preservatives, moisture-proof agents and other harmless additives can be used, but they must be marked on the package, and the alcohol content of alcohol products must be marked on the package

all adjectives on food packaging should not be abused, and their meanings should be clearly defined. For example, "fresh" food refers to food produced within 30 days; "New" foods can only be those that have been on the market for less than a year, and the proportion of their new formulas must be more than 30%; "Natural" food refers to those foods obtained in nature and only treated by freezing or disinfection without any additives; "Pure" food can only be used to modify a few oil or honey foods

the name and location of the manufacturer, production date and consumption period must also be indicated on the food package. Some foods must be marked with the origin. For example, beef products must be marked with "French beef" or "Chinese beef" before they can be sold. The purpose is to effectively supervise these foods and prevent products in the epidemic area from mixing into the food market

in addition, the legal name, weight or volume, consumption period of the food on the food package, and the name and location of the manufacturer who automatically draws the stress time or relaxation rate time curve must be translated in French or at the same time, and marked in an obvious position. It is not allowed to be hidden or scattered in different places, so that consumers can compare the same kind of food of different brands

Chinese enterprises should attach great importance to the above requirements of food packaging instructions in the French market, so as to avoid losses caused by the non-compliance of packaging instructions of French food. At the same time, when the inspection and quarantine department inspects and quarantine the exported food, it should also inspect the food packaging and its instructions to ensure that the exported food and its packaging meet the requirements of the importing country

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