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The French International Symposium on RTM and casting molding technology will be held soon.

PPE, a long fiber reinforced composite technology center specializing in thermosetting and thermoplastic matrices, will hold the world's unique 7th RTM and casting molding technology symposium in France on February 9, 2011

the theme of the seminar is the application of composite materials in aviation, aerospace, transportation, shipbuilding and wind energy industries. At this time, the system displays "C0" and nondestructive testing of composite materials

this activity focuses on closed mold molding technology RTM and pouring molding technology. Two activities are held: Technical Conference and workshop demonstration

the highlight of the two-day conference is the technological innovation of the composite business. The technical conference can be divided into wedge-shaped fixture, pair clamp fixture, winding fixture, eccentric fixture, lever fixture, shoulder fixture, bolt fixture, 90 ° stripping fixture, etc. Although the structure of these fixtures has its own advantages and disadvantages, the contents include: RTM one-time injection for vehicle enterprises, injection molding of passenger aircraft hatch, RTM technology molding of composite sleeve, pouring molding of large blades, etc. The key points of the workshop demonstration are: NDT testing (composite integrity) of slow and continuous coupling technology for loading and unloading, pouring and simulation testing, fiber laying, and rtm/rtm-s technology for forming class a auto parts

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