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CEO of French all durable Plastics: new emission regulations bring growth

Laurent burelle, CEO of French car bumper and fuel tank manufacturer astic Omnium SA, is an energetic manager. He plans to increase the company's revenue by 32% to 7billion euros (7.7 billion dollars) by 2018

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his family founded all resistant plastic in 1946 and has been operating since then

burelle told European auto Luca Ciferri that most of the growth is expected to come from auto parts that can help automakers meet stricter emission regulations. Automotive Europe is a sister publication of plastics

ask: how do you summarize today's all resistant plastic companies

we are the top producer of gasoline tanks, composite body panels and plastic structural parts in some projects in the world. We are developing rapidly in the field of selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems. We have opened up new countries and new technical fields, received new orders, established new factories and obtained new customers. Driven by this, we expect to maintain growth over the years

Q: what are the goals for 2018

we strive to achieve a revenue of 7billion euros by 2018, compared with 5.3 billion euros last year. I am optimistic about this, because our market share is rising. In the bumper market, we will increase our global share from 10% in 2014 to 15% in 2018. In the fuel tank Market, we strive to climb from 21% last year to 24% in 2018. The sales volume of SCR business reached 200000 sets last year, but our order volume by 2018 has reached 2.2 million sets

ask: "big platform" is changing your business mode

the globalization of automotive platforms is making the order scale become larger and larger. We are regularly negotiating orders with a total life cycle of more than 1 billion euros. This is a new attempt for us to control the slow response. This also brings risks and opportunities: the risk is that we may lose the contract or fail to complete the order as required; And if we complete the order well, it will bring great opportunities

ask: will the emergence of large platforms promote the consolidation of suppliers, thereby creating larger supply enterprises

yes. You need to have financial strength to build a global production footprint and supply products in different regions. We recently received orders from a large German automaker, including five different countries. Fortunately, we have set up factories in these countries. Financial resources need to be invested in research and development before starting to supply products. I'm not sure whether this will lead to the reduction of the number of enterprises, but automobile manufacturers will at least choose powerful partners, otherwise they may run the risk of failure when selling new products in five countries

ask: does the big contract make your growth forecast more accurate

of course. 90% of our estimated revenue in 2017 has placed orders, and 75% in 2018

Q: how do you cope with the decline in China's auto sales

our growth rate is still higher than the market level. Last year, the growth rate of the automobile industry was about 7%, while our growth rate reached 22%. Of the eight new plants we plan to build in 2015 and 2016, four will be located in China

Q: are your customers already seeking help to achieve the European carbon dioxide emission target of 2021

yes, the carbon dioxide emissions and NOx targets in Europe are our good drivers, which will help us improve the sales of SCR system. Secondly, our light plastic structural parts have significant advantages, which can effectively reduce fuel consumption and emissions

Q: you are currently developing glass fiber reinforced plastic base plates for Peugeot. Can you reveal some details about many key aircraft components made of carbon fiber bonded with thermosetting resin

it can lose about 8kg. We hope to put Peugeot into mass production by 2020. If more expensive carbon fibers are used, the weight of the base plate can be reduced by 15 kg

Q: does your company produce carbon fiber parts

we will supply carbon fiber interior structural parts to a luxury flagship car in Germany that will be launched in October

Q: is your fuel tank business affected by the trend of electrified powertrain

in the long run, this is possible, but at present, the demand for our top fuel tanks continues to grow. Electrification is currently mainly used in hybrid electric vehicles, which require more complex low-pressure plastic gasoline tanks. We are currently developing two special fuel tanks for hybrid cars. In addition, fuel cells are also the future trend. We will supply safe packaging for storing such batteries

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