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Freescale microcontroller to create a safer and cleaner future car

automotive electronics is the youngest part of the entire automotive industry, but it is the most exciting and challenging part of the industry, and it is also the driving force for the new development trend of the entire automotive industry in the future. Especially for the importance of innovation in the automotive industry, electronic technology is a real challenge

although the automotive industry is facing great challenges after the economic crisis in terms of the production volume of finished vehicles, the automotive electronics industry is still vibrant. On the one hand, the value of semiconductor products for finished vehicles will gradually increase from $30 to about $150. On the other hand, automotive electronics for electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles may account for more than 40% of the cost of finished vehicles

automotive electronics has always been the dominant project of Freescale. Almost most of Freescale's business scope involves the automotive electronics market. This year, Freescale continues to deliver its trend of becoming more flexible, safer, cleaner and more interconnected by catering to the global automotive market, Strive to harvest more markets in emerging markets (BRIC will account for 30% of the world's automobile production and sales in the future). With the increasing demand for downstream plastic products, Freescale is required to provide a complete product portfolio for automobiles, from beautiful and convenient body electronics to automotive entertainment, from MCU to analog products and sensors, Freescale hopes to build an integrated ecosystem to meet the development needs of automotive electronics in the future

among them, microcontroller (MCU) is the most important automotive electronic product of Freescale Shanxi Juhua 30000 ton aluminum based new material project started in the aluminum industrial park. At present, Freescale has more than 80 microprocessors and microcontroller products for automotive electronics, and jointly develops various targeted applications with many leading automotive electronics partners. These devices are used for powertrain, vehicle bus and frame, safety system, driver and information system, etc., and allow many people to realize interactive functions and share diagnostic information through vehicle network connection. In the next five to one, the shear force should be parallel to the sheared plane; In the next decade, great changes will take place in the automotive powertrain system. The rising energy costs, the need to save energy, and the requirements of emission regulations have prompted more and more traditional engines to achieve energy-saving requirements with the help of microcontrollers

qorivva provides on-chip security functions

the security of automotive electronic systems is a topic of increasing concern for automotive OEMs, owners and the insurance industry. The electronic control of automotive systems is growing steadily, and a large amount of data flows through the body control module (BCM)/off. Freescale Semiconductor has added new products to its mpc56xx series of qorivva 32-bit microcontrollers (MCU) based on power architecture technology to help significantly reduce data security risks

it is specially created for the next generation of central body control, high-end switch and intelligent junction box. The device provides the performance of up to 300 DMIPS. It is an ideal choice for executing a large amount of code in CPU intensive bcm/switch applications. Mpc564xb/c deploys CSE, which supports the safety hardware extension (she) specification published by European automaker Hersteller initiative Software Alliance in 2009. In the high-end market, mpc564xb/c is the first MCU in the automotive market that integrates the encryption service engine (CSE) to achieve safe and reliable information transmission between electronic components. The automotive industry uses encryption technology to encode and decode data for various functions, such as blocking illegal manipulation of vehicle mileage, activating the anti-theft device to prevent the vehicle from being stolen without a key, and preventing a single electronic control unit from being disassembled and reused on other vehicles. The entry-level mpc560xd device is a cost optimized, single controller area network (can) node solution with low power consumption (meeting the stringent OEM power budget requirements), small package and a wide range of communication interfaces, such as Lin, SPI and can. Mpc560xd is very suitable for body control terminal nodes, such as nodes for door and seat applications

s12 magniv mixed signal mcu

s12vr64, the first single-chip device in Freescale Semiconductor S12 magniv mixed signal microcontroller (MCU) series, is designed for DC engine of car window lifting and skylight application connected to local interconnect (Lin) car body network. S12vr64 MCU is based on Freescale's innovative ll18uhv technology, which realizes extended analog integration on MCU, so that developers can directly connect high-voltage signals and power supplies to MCU in their vehicle design, helping to save circuit board space, improve system quality, and reduce complexity

traditionally, automotive electronic design requires multiple devices: some devices are manufactured by high-voltage process to connect to battery and power driver output, and MCU is manufactured by low-voltage digital logic process. When the terminal application space is limited, this poses a challenge. S12vr64 MCU integrates various devices required by relay drive engine control, including Lin physical layer, voltage regulator and low-end and high-end drivers in one device. This integration is achieved by ll18uhv technology, using Freescale's proven low leakage 0.18 micron (ll18) manufacturing process to integrate 40V analog, nonvolatile memory (NVM) and digital logic on one chip. Produce a compact, cost-effective solution, which can realize the functions that can only be realized by four chips in the current design. Fewer components improve the overall quality, enabling customers to create smaller circuit boards, and ultimately reduce the weight of the car

Freescale plans to expand the S12 magniv series to include a wide range of aec-q100 certified products, so as to integrate MCU, automotive regulators, Lin and can physical layers, engine drivers and other items in the form of single chip or dual chip into a single package solution. The part planned to be added to S12 magniv series is a single-chip solution for applications such as brushless DC engine control, LED lighting, stepper motor control, general-purpose Lin slave node or general-purpose MCU combined with high-voltage i/o. (end)

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