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Analysis of corrugated box equipment in North China (I)

corrugated box enterprises in North China are mainly large and medium-sized carton enterprises, and small enterprises are not widely distributed. Large carton enterprises with an annual output value of more than 50million yuan and medium-sized carton enterprises with an annual output value of 10million yuan occupy a major position in carton enterprises in North China. The small carton enterprises have a big gap in quantity and quality compared with South China

at the same time, the corrugated box enterprises in this region take the secondary production plants as the main body and the tertiary carton plants as the industry foundation. There are few primary carton packaging enterprises with paper mills in North China. Most of the strong carton packaging manufacturers in North China are foreign-funded and joint ventures. At the same time, there are also several private enterprises that have developed and expanded in this region. However, the regional distribution of packaging enterprises is uneven. It is mainly concentrated in Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei and Liaoning provinces and cities around the Bohai Sea. In inland provinces and cities such as Shanxi and Jilin, the development of carton packaging is relatively backward, and the scale of carton packaging enterprises is small, and the distribution of enterprises is scattered

compared with South China and East China, which have developed corrugated box machinery manufacturing industry, North China is second to these two regions, and higher than other regions at the same time. The heating foaming process is in the middle state due to its relatively calm time. In recent years, driven by the Beijing Tianjin Tangshan Economic Circle. The whole North China is also constantly catching up with and surpassing the advanced. However, due to the weak foundation and low starting point, it will take time to catch up with South China and East China

in North China, Hebei has the most developed corrugated box machinery manufacturing industry. In terms of the number and proportion of single-sided corrugating machines, corrugated board production lines, printing slotting and cross cutting machines, prepress machines, etc. Hebei is a unique team, far ahead of other provinces and cities. As an old industrial base, its economic strength can not be underestimated. Coupled with the proximity to Beijing and Tianjin, the development trend of North China in the future is very optimistic

current situation and development of equipment in North China

carton pre printing equipment takes the lead everywhere

North China is an important papermaking base in China, and there are many original paper markets of corrugated boxes with multiple specifications, low gram weight and high strength. In the face of fierce market competition, most carton manufacturers will bear in mind the heavy lesson that some manufacturers have "high input and low output", which has led enterprises into difficulties, and will take a more cautious and mature attitude in technological transformation. It is reported that the new high-speed tile line production capacity in North China has accounted for more than 35% of the production capacity in the region, and the number of newly added and put into operation carton pre printing equipment should account for more than 50% of the total number of carton pre printing equipment in the country

the utilization rate of equipment using flexographic printing has increased

in addition, with the rapid development of the carton industry and packaging machinery industry across the country, flexographic printing has been recognized and widely used by the majority of carton manufacturers and packaging users. For example, some powerful manufacturers in Tianjin have introduced domestic and foreign advanced printing slotting machines and printing die-cutting machines. In recent years, 80% of the products use flexo to improve the printing effect of carton layout. Because flexographic printing has unique advantages, flexographic printing technology is obviously playing its role in the local carton industry

the above is the main direction of equipment development in North China, but the equipment of different processes has different development conditions, and the needs of various equipment are also different. Then in North China, what is the situation of equipment such as single-sided machine and printing machine, and what is the regional distribution and startup rate of equipment in this region? Below we will introduce the different situations of different process equipment

specific analysis of equipment conditions in North China

single sided corrugating machines

in 2004, the proportion of single-sided corrugating machines in Hebei was 27%, ranking first in North China, followed by Tianjin with 22%, Liaoning and Heilongjiang GD; The proportion of IL in Beijing is basically similar, 15%, 13% and 12% respectively: Jilin and Shanxi are at a disadvantage, accounting for only 6% and 5%. As the capital of Beijing, its development is more restricted by various factors. Most of the existing carton factories are old state-owned enterprises in the past. Their common characteristics are creep resistance and good wear resistance; It is small-scale, weak foundation and lack of large-scale capital investment. In addition, some enterprises have moved out to other neighboring countries due to environmental factors to reduce the dosage of toughening agent Poe; Provinces and cities, resulting in the situation that the number of single-sided corrugating machines in this region is far lower than that in Hebei and Tianjin

the proportion of producing areas of single-sided corrugating machines in North China's provinces (municipalities directly under the central government) is mostly in the mainland, accounting for more than 90% of the whole, while Taiwan, China, Europe, the United States and Japan account for a small proportion. The company's turnover last year was 150million yuan, accounting for only about 10% of the whole. This is mainly because the single-sided corrugating machine is a low breaking product, and the products from the mainland are enough to meet the needs of enterprises. Therefore, the proportion of imports and Taiwan, China will be relatively small. The speed ratio of single-sided corrugating machine is less than 100m/min, mainly because the single-sided corrugating machine produced in the mainland is mostly used, and its speed is relatively slow. However, in Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei and other places, the single-sided corrugating machines with a speed of 100m-200m/min also account for about 5%. In addition, the single-sided corrugating machines with a speed of more than 200m/min in these areas also have a place. The width of single-sided corrugating machine is mostly below 1.8m, especially in Heilongjiang, which has reached 100%. This is caused by the common characteristics of domestic machines. However, 1.8m-2.2m in Liaoning also accounts for a certain amount, ranking first among similar standards in the whole North China. In contrast, Hebei has an obvious advantage in the share of more than 2.2m

the starting rate of single-sided corrugating machine is 78% in Liaoning, followed by Shanxi, and only 48% in Jilin. Other regions were basically flat, at about 60%. The reason is that some machines have been idle, and only some are in normal operation. Some capable enterprises have shifted from single-sided corrugated machine production to high-grade corrugated board production line production

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