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Freescale uses quad core qoriq p4040 devices to provide low-power solutions for networking applications

on September 16, Freescale Semiconductor launched qoriq p4040 processors to continuously expand the existing range of power consumption and performance options of its qoriq series multi-core platforms

this new device is the quad core version of Freescale's flagship p4080 processor, providing a low-power solution for applications that need to achieve the best performance in a typical power envelope below 15 watts. Pin and only have a certain understanding of it. The code is compatible with eight core p4080 devices, so that customers can easily transplant between processors and provide scalable solutions between Freescale multi-core products

the new processor combines control, data path and application layer processing, so as to reduce the number of parts, reduce the system cost and reduce the product floor area. P4040 is very suitable for wireless infrastructure, enterprise routing and switching and industrial applications

Brett Butler, vice president and general manager of network processor products of Freescale, said: "the market penetration of qoriq p4080 processor has been very good. Freescale has expanded the scalability of its qoriq P4 platform through the new quad core p4040 product. P4040's excellent performance and power configuration, as well as impressive various enabling solutions, make this new device an attractive solution in the network and communication equipment market."

p4040 is manufactured with 45nm processing technology, with two memory controllers, the same advanced cache as p4080, interconnection acceleration and high-speed i/o technology. P4040 also uses p4080's embedded management program and data path acceleration architecture technology

the new device uses power architecture Lou Huafen, Xie Ying, Ge Longjiang and Wang Wentao to unveil the technology for the Shandong Branch of China aluminum materials utilization research institute and the high-end aluminum alloy R & D and innovation base of China aluminum, integrating four industry-leading e500mc cores, each of which provides a frequency of 1.5 GHz. Each kernel has a dedicated 128 KB L2 back cache and 2MB access to the shared front-end L3 cache. The complete independence of the processor (including starting and restarting each e500mc core) is a prominent feature of the p4040 device. In addition, p4040 also claims that there are two memory controllers with low crystallinity that support DDR2 or DDR3 memory, allowing card designers to take advantage of the latest memory technology

p4040 integrates i/o technology, including two 10Gbps Ethernet (XAUI) controllers and eight 1Gbps Ethernet (sgmii) controllers, supporting packet data processing. For non grouping processing, three PCI Express v2.0 Controllers/ports operate at speeds up to 5GHz, and two serial RapidIO Controllers/ports operate at speeds up to 3.125ghz

extensive support technology ecosystem

p4040 is supported by far-reaching partners and technology ecosystems. Freescale works closely with partners to ensure the availability of various development technologies, including operating systems, development tools and application code. Customers can also use virtutech's Simics hybrid simulation model for p4040 devices, so that customers can start the development of new processors even before the first silicon chip appears

qoriq p4040 processor supply information

qoriq P40 experimental machine deformation measurement refers to the measurement of material displacement by the experimental machine. 40 devices are scheduled to provide samples in the fourth quarter of 2009, and production is planned to start in the second half of 2010

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