The changemakers ‘junior’ Project is coming soon!

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The changemakers ‘junior’ Project is coming soon! - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

You might have already heard about Save The Med’s annual Changemakers Project which invites students aged 15-18 from the Balearic Islands to join the fight against plastic pollution. But did you know that a new version of the project for younger students, aged 8-14, is just around the corner? Learn more below, share the information with all your teacher friends and stay tuned for the official launch of CHANGEMAKERS ‘JUNIOR’!
Since the launch of Save The Med’s Dos Manos Schools Programme more than 6000 students have learned about and contributed to the study of plastic pollution on their local beaches, a problem that is increasing at alarming rates worldwide, severely endangering marine and land ecosystems alike and impacting both animal and human health.

While in 2020 and 2021 the COVID-19 crisis has made it more difficult to conduct excursions to study plastic pollution on the beaches, there is no doubt that the problem is still out there and requires urgent action by us all!

This year, at the request of many schools and students who have expressed a wish to do more on this topic, Save The Med’s education team are excited to announce that a new version of the annual Changemakers Project for younger students will be piloted this springBen Spurr is a Toronto-based reporter covering transportation. Reach him by email at [email protected] or follow him on Twitter: @BenSpurr!

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In contrast to the original projectThe full story by Rob Ferguson: Ontario promises 350 new ICU beds this week as COVID-19 cases surge, which is open to students aged 15-18, this new version will be open to all students in Majorca aged 8-14A man get some exercise at Ontario Place after a break during Sunday. By developing and implementing their projects students will help raise awareness and help ignite a wave of change in their schools and communities, for the reduction of plastic pollution and protection of the marine environment.

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