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International Online | the surface2019 American International Building Materials Exhibition, the super floor of Kenya will shine again

after the tense and busy domotex2019 German Hannover flooring exhibition, from January 23 to 25 local time, the elite team of kentier international trade with new super floor products appeared in Las Vegas again to participate in the 2019 American International Building Materials Exhibition

the exhibition is one of the most influential events in the construction industry in the world, and has gradually grown into an important trading platform for composite material enterprises such as carpets, tiles, elastic flooring, stones, etc. to enter the U.S. and North American markets

the exhibition booth and giant column advertising booth located in 2906

1 exhibitor style: the total export volume of 2018 led the industry

North America is an important export destination of Kenya, and Kenya super flooring has always been favored by consumers in North America. According to the annual export data of 2018, the total export volume of all kinds of flooring products of Kenya group led the industry, with an export growth of more than 50%. With the recovery and stable rise of the U.S. economy in recent years, the total U.S. home building materials market has exceeded $3trillion, and has increased year by year. Kenya and Buffett's flooring manufacturer Shaw company have paved a full range of flooring into tens of millions of American families

figure: Kenya super floor is famous all over the world

the surface Las Vegas exhibition, as a platform to show its strength, Kenya has participated in the exhibition for many consecutive years, and each exhibition has launched the latest technical achievements and assorted products to communicate and cooperate with international peers. At this exhibition, Kenya group still maintained the style of an industry giant. The exhibition hall of Kenya was crowded, and the daily number of visitors was nearly 10000. The manufacturers of floor decoration materials from all over the world stopped to consult. Many international friends came to renew the new year's cooperation plan, and more new friends enthusiastically signed cooperation intentions

figure: in the crowded booth of Kenya, the business team patiently explained

2 exhibitor Innovation: grasp the popular trend and achieve an industry model

at the American International Building Materials Exhibition (the exhibition), a number of new super flooring products brought by Kenya became the focus of attention at the exhibition, and the group's international trade elite team was overwhelmed by potential customers who came to negotiate. As an international brand with the first export in the industry, Kenya complies with the international trend and introduces Super Floor decors that adapt to the aesthetics of foreign consumers according to local conditions. It is precisely the accurate grasp of innovation and popularity that has enabled the Kendia brand to maintain a leading position in North America and even the international market for many years

figure: the foreign trade team talked with international customers

introducing foreign popular elements into China is also one of the important goals of Kenya to participate in this Las Vegas exhibition. As a popular vane of the international industry, international exhibitions continue to promote the development of the industry in the direction of innovation. At present, Kenya super flooring has many styles, such as American, European and modern. Every year, international famous designers are invited to update the design and color products and put them on the market. This exhibition also discusses and cooperates with foreign design companies to bring international popular elements back to China and make the decorative flooring of Chinese families more international

figure: Merchants shoot popular decors and products, and deal with merchants' sample selection

3 exhibitor quality: define Chinese flooring with European and American standards

from preliminary communication to final deal, the Kenya international trade team has won the favor and choice of international merchants with its extraordinary business communication ability and the infinite charm of Kenya super flooring. The customer's transaction is not only an internationally authoritative endorsement of the brand positioning of the "healthy home leader" of Kenya super floor, but also a high recognition of China's "smart manufacturing" of Kenya group and the world-class quality of super floor

figure: the international trade team of Kenya ・ professional focus and wonderful

the super flooring of Kenya has been exported to 45 countries and regions in Europe and the United States, and the quality standards of the United States and other developed countries in Europe and the United States are strictly implemented. Therefore, when many Chinese flooring brands were forced to withdraw from the U.S. market due to environmental issues, the Kendia brand won the opportunity for rapid development. Local flooring manufacturers in the United States, such as Xiao's company under Buffett, have reached long-term partnership with Kenya. The market share of Kenya super flooring in North America has continuously increased, and it is popular and loved by North American users

conclusion: innovation, quality, development and achievement of the world in Kenya

the surface Las Vegas flooring exhibition is coming to an end, and Kenya is still moving forward on the road of building an international brand. Innovation and quality have created today's world's Kenya. Kenya will continue to use international standards to strengthen production processes and quality control, exchange international advanced technology, apply and upgrade the whole series of products of Kenya, including super flooring, deepen the strategic layout of globalization, increase the market expansion of international trade, and provide high-quality products and services to global customers

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