50000 decoration, 37 square meters, two rooms and

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House decoration: the decoration area is 37 square meters, with simple style of two rooms and one living room

owner's self statement: this little house was sold last October. When buying the house, it had the same house type and area; One is with decoration (about the decoration in 2007), and the other is with a price difference of 50000 yuan. After discussing with the head of the house, I think it's worth spending 50000 yuan to decorate. You can pretend to be what style you like. After all, this small house is our home for the rest of our life. Of course, we should like it

because I didn't check in, there are few decorative items at home. I always drive there and plan to hang a small painting. I have already bought it. Send it to the frame, but haven't had time to pick it up; The vase on the table is still empty, not waiting for its flowers

OPP lighting

there are great differences between people in other people's porch and my restaurant, but everyone looks up to the same sky, whether it is blue or gray, here “ Aisle restaurant ” Let's have some close ups




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