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The year 2017 is the year of recovery for the construction machinery industry. The demand of the market surged, the trading volume rose gradually, and the construction machinery industry shone a second spring. The growth in overseas market demand triggered by the "the Belt and Road" has made exploring overseas markets a priority for enterprises. Let's take a look at the remarkable achievements made by various enterprises in opening up overseas markets

export of nearly 200million US dollars, high-quality XCMG that can not be destroyed by use:

XCMG's share of exports to Central Asia, Africa and the Middle East continues to rank first among all brands; Traditional advantageous products such as truck cranes, loaders, rollers, graders and pavers continue to rank first in the export of the industry; The growth rate of new products was higher than that of the industry, with the year-on-year growth of excavators by 25%, drilling rigs by 33% and tower cranes by 121%

aiming at key markets, XCMG strengthened local market promotion activities. XCMG participated in a series of market activities overseas, such as the Las Vegas construction machinery exhibition, Nepal buildcon international construction machinery exhibition, and held Bangladesh customer promotion conferences. With the theme of "advanced technology and indestructible use", XCMG demonstrated its high-end products and integrated services to customers all over the world at the Las Vegas exhibition, and received more than 100 million yuan of intended orders from more than 20 countries

in the overseas market, XCMG went deep into the front line to conduct market research and customer visits, deepened cooperation with overseas high-quality dealers, jointly promoted local key customers and major projects, and successively won the largest order in the Caribbean for cross-border e-commerce of China's construction machinery, the first order for export of Thailand's Rotary drilling machines U.S. Ahern leasing project, infrastructure construction related projects in key countries along the "the Belt and Road" and other large export orders

accurately positioning the market, Jingong is deeply involved in Central Asia:

Jingong machinery launched "E-Series economic small clothes". After early market development, with the strong promotion of domestic and foreign dealer partners, the sales orders increased significantly in the first quarter of 2017. With the national policy of the the Belt and Road, customers in Central Asia are very willing to purchase, "E-Series economic small equipment" is becoming another new growth point of Jingong machinery. In view of the requirements for multi-function, miniaturization and economy of equipment in the construction projects in Central Asia, Jingong took advantage of the trend to promote "E-Series economic small clothes" to meet the local market demand. This product is widely used in coal mines, construction sites and other industries and mines, with good work efficiency and performance. The customer's equipment investment cost is reduced by 50%, but the work efficiency can be adequately guaranteed

Kazakhstan "spez Alto" company is a long-term partner and local product agent for Jingong in China and Pirelli will test Asia. It mainly serves users of small-scale sand fields, municipal road maintenance, agriculture and forestry projects and small-scale water conservancy projects. It has a good sales and service network in Almaty and surrounding areas. This year, Jingong launched "E-Series economic small clothes". After the recommendation and introduction of the company, "spez Alto" decided to purchase

after putting into operation, it is found that Jingong's "E-Series economic small clothes" are in good condition, with stable quality, and the customer's evaluation is also higher than expected. Compared with other brands, Jingong products have higher cost performance, and have unique advantages in product configuration, quality control and assembly technology

fully adapted to the market demand, Yuchai heavy industries New Zealand won a new order:

recently, Yuchai heavy industries' Forest excavators exported to New Zealand were successfully loaded and shipped. This batch of export orders includes yc230, yc135 and other models of forest excavators, which is another batch of excavator orders exported by Yuchai heavy industry to New Zealand in 2017

it is understood that the forest excavator can widen the track on the basis of the ordinary crawler excavator to make it unobstructed in the dense forest in view of the soft and rugged forest environment; Reinforce and protect the cab to ensure the driver's safety; Improve the platform to carry fire-fighting equipment and meet fire-fighting requirements; By replacing the auxiliary cutting arm, the felled trees can be instantly cut into several equal length sections for convenient transportation

customers are impressed by the quality, and wal Wah excavators are exported to Myanmar:

in recent years, after the effects of light, heat and oxygen, wal Wah Group has always adhered to the leading strategy of science and technology, carried out technical cooperation with world-renowned R & D institutions, comprehensively upgraded existing products according to the needs of customers in different countries and regions, kept pace with the international technology, and continuously improved the international competitive advantage of products. While making every effort to improve product quality, Wal Mart group has repeatedly studied the Myanmar market, improved products according to local special needs, and strengthened and improved marketing services. It can become the third manufacturer in the industry to use this technology to process plastics. To some extent, Wal Mart can replace foreign fixtures and is in the middle and high-end market, but with some new materials, There is still a certain gap between the domestic and foreign levels in the fixture for special materials. Erhua series excavators have won unanimous praise from users in Myanmar for their advantages of reliable quality, high cost performance, high operation efficiency and good service. At present, the group is studying to set up an office in Myanmar

the refined research of the product is favored, and Henan iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd. has been exported to Serbia:

recently, the first upgraded Guosan emission high drive bulldozer sd8n of Henan iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd. has been delivered to Serbia as scheduled

the sd8n high drive bulldozer ordered by the customer this time is the latest upgraded product of Henan iron and steel Xuangong. It adopts the hydraulic system with modular design of the whole machine and pilot control, and is equipped with the electronic control engine, luxury cab and electronic monitoring system of the national three emission standards. It has the advantages of convenient product maintenance, strong horsepower and high work efficiency

in the middle of March, Serbian customers conducted on-site acceptance of the products, personally experienced the actual handling performance of the bulldozer, highly recognized the products, and said that they would further strengthen cooperation in the future

the product performance is more advanced, and the stone coal machinery company exports to Korea in batches:

at the end of February, five qys-3.2 II truck mounted cranes independently developed by the stone coal machinery company were exported to Korea in batches after being accepted by Korean users on site

the company has exported truck mounted crane products to Korea for many times. During the use process, due to the reliable product quality, simple operation and safe use, it has been recognized by Korean users. The technical R & D personnel of the coal mining machinery company improved the operating system, safety protection system and complete machine structure of this batch of on-board cranes according to the actual operating conditions, so that all performance parameters can fully meet the user's requirements

the "stone coal" brand on-board crane built by the stone coal machinery company for more than 30 years has always enjoyed a high reputation among users. Aiming at the international advanced level, the company has continuously upgraded and improved the on-board crane, making the product performance among the world's advanced ranks

simple, flexible and efficient, Shanding small excavation moves Philippine customers:

it is understood that the Philippine agricultural output value accounts for 20% of the national GDP. It is an important component of the Philippine economy. Among them, the coconut output and export volume account for more than 60% of the world's total output and export volume. The relevant person in charge of the Philippine agricultural company said that after investigating the small excavator market in China, it was found that Shanding electromechanical mini excavator has small volume, flexible operation, high efficiency and 360 degree rotation, which is particularly suitable for the construction of farmland in the Philippines

with the more accurate positioning of the market and the design of products that can better meet the market demand, the gap between China's equipment manufacturing industry and developed countries is narrowing. I believe that in the near future, the manufacturing power will be realized

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