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Self ventilated popcorn bag

lm packaging company has designed a convenient and multifunctional self-supporting bag for the popcorn of asap company in Solon, Ohio. The patterns printed in intaglio are colorful, eye-catching and bold. The bag has a unique shape. When it is filled with popcorn, it will become a food bowl. Whether consumers are quasi batch used to manufacture the new version of the f (1) 50 pickup truck of Ford Motor Company, going to a movie, playing games or attending a party at night, ASAP popcorn will add fun

the self-supporting bag contains 3 ounces of popcorn and oil. When heated and exploded in the microwave oven, the belt expands into an upright bowl. ASAP products are currently in the market in the form of 1. Visit the manufacturer in person. 1. The shape is round. The bag can be made into different shapes and printed with more than a dozen patterns that are attractive to children. It can be specific information about sports themes, cartoon characters and different occasions

lm packaging designs three-layer bags for ASAP. Six color printing is carried out on a piece of 25 oil proof paper, and then varnish is applied. The paper is laminated with a gold-plated coextrusion proprietary composite polyester sealant. The part inside the bag is made of MicroFlex Q of graphic packaging company except for the metal removal material. The bag also has a proprietary protective release coating and a breathable top sealing system. Bag materials are produced and printed by graphic packaging, and die cut, folded and heat sealed on the special bag making machine of Valley packaging supply company. Popcorn bags are bagged and assembled by pvtwav industries in Lakeville, Minnesota

asap popcorn is available in two and three packs, using NORDENIA's equally attractive resealable self-supporting zipper bag. The bag is made of polyester/linear low density polypropylene and is also gravure printed in six colors

despite the fierce competition in the popcorn market, consumers responded well to the product. According to Ken Wulff of ASAP, "we have also used this packaging in many non food channels, including entertainment products. The products have gained more than 10% market share in some small supermarket chains we used to test sell. Now there are many entertainment themes, and we are ready to launch other novel designs and shapes soon. But one of our biggest opportunities is to cooperate with film companies."

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