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Biography of Dalian Huaxin Cloud Data Center - "security guard" "!

in Dalian Huaxin cloud data center, there is such a group of people, no matter the winding path or the muddy swamp, who cut through thorns and thorns to protect the safety of customers. Xiaoyun wants to record the glittering but ordinary moment with a pen tip and a picture

8:30, and starts the day's work.

the employees of the cloud data center are full of spirit to welcome the day's work. In order to ensure safety, every employee should Swipe your card to enter the data center. According to the short time data

8:45, the morning meeting shall be conducted every day

the handover of the previous shift, the task deployment of the new day, the induction of information and the summary of work are the routine contents of the morning meeting

10:00, patrol inspection starts

on June 16, the staff announced the investment decision to enter the machine room through the toy manufacturer headquartered in Billund, and began a day of operation inspection. IC card + biometrics (palm print) to ensure the security of customer data

10:05, the staff began to replace the tape

the considerate and professional operation and maintenance service has always been the gold lettered signboard of Dalian Huaxin cloud data center. It is the purpose of our operation and maintenance service to regularly respond to customer needs every day, save time, trouble and share for customers

10:30, it equipment operation status patrol inspection

such routine work is carried out by the staff every day. In the eyes of others, it seems that the inspection is boring and boring, but they still dare not relax at all

11:10, the new customer equipment was put on the shelves

the customer equipment arrived at Dalian Huaxin cloud data center, and they began a new busy

12:00, lunch break and shift rest

to ensure the data security of customers, Dalian Huaxin cloud data center implements 7*24-hour operation and maintenance services

13:30 division of labor and cooperation, machine room wiring

every employee of Dalian Huaxin cloud data center seems to be a patient with severe obsessive-compulsive disorder. Every computer room line must be managed in strict accordance with the requirements. This persistence that can cure obsessive-compulsive disorder has created the art of computer room

15:40, UPS charge and discharge test

it is not only an indispensable basic production link for a large number of industrial and agricultural products. UPS power supply is the core equipment to ensure the reliability and continuity of power supply in the computer room. Therefore, regular UPS heavy discharge test operation cannot be neglected. It is the principle of every employee of Dalian Huaxin cloud data center to be rigorous and serious

18:30, machine room temperature inspection

the environment of the computer room --------- professor zhaodanyang of the engineering research center of the Ministry of education for molded products of Dalian University of technology is very important. The temperature and humidity of the computer room is an important indicator. Once the temperature and humidity are abnormal, it will directly affect the operation of the equipment and even damage it. Therefore, daily inspection is particularly important

18:50, HMI panel inspection

the electric quantity, current power and power consumption of the cabinet are the key indicators of the machine room, just like the indicators of physical health, which should be paid close attention to

19:20, air conditioning temperature and humidity operation inspection

19:40, environmental inspection in the office area

Dalian Huaxin cloud data center provides office leasing business for the convenience of customers on site. The operation and maintenance personnel should carry out environmental inspection in the office area every day: check the indicators of air conditioning, temperature, lighting, etc


as night fell, the office building of Dalian Huaxin cloud data center was still brightly lit. What they have done, what they have worked hard, is only to provide a reliable and secure home for your data

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