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On November 20, at the United Nations headquarters in New York, the permanent representative of France to the United Nations, Fran ç OIS delat, addressed the United Nations Security Council. Original title of Xinhua News Agency: the Security Council unanimously adopted the resolution on combating is, condemning the terrorist attacks by the extremist organization "Islamic state" in the strongest terms, and calling on the international community to "take all necessary measures" to combat terrorism

determination that is poses a threat to the world

the resolution was drafted by France and submitted to the UN Security Council on the 19th. It was determined that the organization of the Islamic state poses a "global and unprecedented" threat to international peace and security

this is the 14th resolution on counter-terrorism adopted by the Security Council since 1999

"today, we are sending a clear and unambiguous signal," said matthewrickroft, the rotating president of the Security Council and the permanent representative of Britain to the United Nations. "Our joint efforts to block, contain and destroy the 'Islamic state' will not stop."

the Security Council urges "Member States in a position to do so... To take all necessary measures, redouble their efforts and coordinate in accordance with international law" to prevent and combat terrorist acts by the "Islamic state", "support front" and "Al Qaida" and destroy their safe havens in Syria and Iraq

the resolution was adopted seven days after the terrorist attacks in Paris, the capital of France. French President Hollande welcomed the adoption of the resolution, saying that it "helps mobilize countries to destroy the 'Islamic state'."

British Prime Minister Cameron said: "today's vote undoubtedly shows that the international community widely supports more measures and decisive actions in Syria to eradicate the 'Islamic state'."

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius believes that to combat terrorism, the international community should correctly set the operating parameters of the experiment according to the experimental requirements. The society should explore practical ways, "either through military action, or through political channels, or cut off the source of funds for terrorism"

It is worth mentioning that the adoption of this resolution was not based on Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations, which contains the option of using force

the Security Council also urges all countries to intensify their efforts to prevent foreign terrorist forces from being an effective means to improve the ecological environment and to send people to Syria and Iraq to combat the financing of terrorism. At the same time, the Security Council will promptly update the relevant sanctions list

Liu Jieyi, China's permanent representative to the United Nations, said on the 20th that the root cause of the refugee and immigration crisis in the Mediterranean region lies in regional instability and uneven development. The fundamental solution lies in seeking peace, achieving development, addressing both the symptoms and root causes, and implementing comprehensive measures

On the same day, the General Assembly held a plenary meeting on the issue of refugees and migrants in the Mediterranean region. In his speech, Liu Jieyi said that war and conflict are important causes of refugees and immigrants. Only by achieving development can the people of developing countries live and work in peace and contentment, safeguard their basic rights, and fundamentally reduce the number of refugees and immigrants

he said that in the face of the new threat of terrorism, we should give full play to the leading role of the United Nations, form a united front against terrorism, and carry out extensive cooperation in the exchange of counter-terrorism experience, intelligence sharing, clue verification, law enforcement and other fields

Liu Jieyi called for adhering to the principle of "shared responsibility" and strengthening cooperation in the field of international refugees and immigrants. He said that developing countries have received about 86 percent of the world's refugees and have made important contributions to the resettlement of refugees. Countries of origin, transit and destination of refugees and migrants should strengthen solidarity and share the burden

Liu Jieyi said that since the outbreak of the Syrian crisis, China has provided humanitarian goods and cash assistance to the Syrian people and their overseas refugees in various forms, with a total amount of more than 230million yuan. In October this year, China decided to provide humanitarian assistance worth 100million yuan to Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and other countries. In 2015, the Chinese government also contributed US $800000 to the UNHCR. China will continue to provide assistance to relevant countries and UNHCR

Russia stated that it should respect national sovereignty

the day before France submitted the draft resolution, Russia submitted a draft resolution to the Security Council. In fact, at the end of September, Russia drafted a resolution calling for joint efforts to combat terrorist forces on the basis of abiding by international law and respecting national sovereignty, which was opposed by the United States, Britain, France and other countries

in the updated draft resolution, the Russian side still believes that the Syrian government's consent should be obtained in advance to combat the "Islamic state" in Syria

vitalitchurkin, permanent representative of Russia to the United Nations, stressed on the 20th that the adoption of the French draft only represents a "political appeal" and does not change the "legal basis" for combating terrorism. The implication is that if military operations are carried out in Syria without cooperation with the Syrian government, they will emerge from obscurity

according to him, Russia will "continue to promote" the adoption of the Russian draft resolution

British permanent representative to the United Nations rickroft believes that Moscow may need to revise some contents again to pass the Russian resolution, including "the current role of Syrian President Bashar al Assad"

The resolution legally allows the UN Security Council to adopt a resolution unanimously with 15 votes in favor, urging member states in a position to do so to take all necessary measures in accordance with international law in the territories controlled by the "Islamic state" in Syria and Iraq, in particular to prevent and combat the terrorist acts of the "Islamic state" (is) and the "victory front", Destroy the shelters they have established in quite a number of places in Iraq and Syria

Yue Gang, a former colonel of the general staff and anti-terrorism expert, analyzed to the Beijing times that the resolution adopted this time is equivalent to allowing the fight against is in terms of legal conditions. Of course, the consent of Syria, the country concerned, is also required. The resolution adopted here refers to the member states that are capable and willing. Since the United Nations cannot take the lead in forming a military alliance, it can only legally resolve the composition of the anti-terrorism alliance. In addition, there are differences among some member states. For example, the United States and Russia will not form a military alliance to combat terrorists. Therefore, the United Nations can only liberalize the international law to combat according to law. The agreement does not have much specific content except to determine the scope of the two terrorist organizations. "As long as we fight against is, we all agree that the specific details of international law do not interfere too much."

at present, the targets of terrorist organizations attacked by various countries are not very consistent, so it is difficult to form an alliance. Now all countries are gradually sharing a common hatred on the issue of combating terrorist organizations, and Russia and France are also close to each other in this regard, which can be regarded as a combination to some extent. They conduct military coordination on the Syrian strike to avoid miscalculation in the strike process. Among them, Russia's strike is mainly to cooperate with the ground government forces to implement the combination of air and ground. We will draw lessons from intelligence, cut off the terrorist capital chain, and cooperate on the Syrian refugee issue

it has been a year since many countries joined hands to fight against is.

now, Russia has launched air strikes against is in Syria for more than one month. At present, the military forces involved in the actual fight against is mainly come from NATO and the Gulf Cooperation Council. Its members include western countries such as Britain, France, Germany and Italy, as well as Gulf countries such as Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar. As a military power, Russia has joined the fight against is since September this year. So far, multinational warplanes have been hovering over Syria for more than a year

last month, the United States announced that it would send a small number of special forces soldiers to northern Syria to train and assist Syrian armed opposition members. This is the first time that the United States has sent ground troops to Syria since it launched the operation against the "Islamic state"

in September 2014, the United States extended its action against the "Islamic state" to Syria. So far, the US military has launched more than 2600 air strikes in Syria to avoid energy consumption, but has never sent ground troops to Syria. Obama's decision to send troops on October 30 was interpreted by the media as an important adjustment of the US strategy to combat the "Islamic state"

according to Russian media reports, Russian Defense Minister Shoigu announced on November 17 that Russian long-range aviation strategic bombers (including Tu-160, tu-95s and tu-22) have joined the team that can be used only by turning on the power supply to attack Syrian is militants. The Russian air force began air strikes on the "Islamic state" (is) targets in Syria on September 30 this year. This is the first time since the collapse of the Soviet Union that Russia has carried out large-scale air raid operations abroad. At present, in Syria, Russia has deployed more than 50 fighter planes and helicopters of various types, as well as about 2000 troops

since the terrorist attack in Paris, France has intensified its military strike against is and started military cooperation with Russia. On the 18th, the nuclear powered aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle of the French Navy set out from the southern military port of Toulon to the eastern Mediterranean to join the military action against the extremist organization Islamic state. It is worth noting that both Britain and Belgium sent warships to join the "de Gaulle" aircraft carrier battle group

Hollande said that he hoped to form a "big alliance" to jointly fight against the "Islamic state" and destroy this extremist organization that threatens the whole world and commits massacres in the Middle East. According to Hollande's vision, this "anti terrorist alliance" will be formed with the participation of Russia and the United States. However, the Pentagon said on the 18th that the United States does not intend to launch a coordinated operation against the "Islamic state" with Russia

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