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China's self-adhesive label market has unlimited business opportunities

at present, the annual growth rate of self-adhesive labels in China is 20%, but the annual consumption of self-adhesive per capita in China is only 0 6 square meters, compared with the annual consumption of more than ten square meters per capita in Europe and the United States, China should also consider this pair of parameters when selecting models. There is still a lot of room for the development of the adhesive market. Now the proportion of self-adhesive labels used in various industries is increasing

food and beverage industry: self adhesive labels have been widely accepted and used in foreign high-end products, such as Avon food, Cadbury, etc., and Budweiser, Carlsberg, etc. in the beer industry. With the further introduction of the packaging concept, more domestic food and beverage enterprises will also consider adopting self-adhesive labels, which has great growth potential

daily chemical industry: with the changes of the times, shampoo soap has derived from various kinds of shampoo, bath soap has derived from various kinds of shower gel, in addition to facial cleanser, hand sanitizer, laundry detergent, softener, etc., and the clarity of kitchen and bathroom has also derived from toilet detergent, bathtub detergent, etc. All these changes have resulted in more and richer products and packaging forms, and the use of labels has naturally increased significantly. At present, there are more than 4000 household chemical enterprises in China. The packaging and appearance of products will directly affect their sales. The flexibility of self-adhesive labels is suitable for exquisite printing and can achieve eye-catching effects, which is far more than the traditional silk printing. It can be seen that the daily chemical industry is developing rapidly, and self-adhesive labels are also developing rapidly in line with the trend

pharmaceutical industry: with the growth of people's awareness of health care, the development of medical science and technology, and the state's normative politics on the pharmaceutical industry, the pharmaceutical industry has become more standardized on packaging. The previous wet adhesive labels will be replaced by self-adhesive labels due to various shortcomings, and have an absolute advantage in the pharmaceutical industry. Adhesive labels account for 89% of the pharmaceutical industry in North America, and so will the trend in China

supermarket logistics: due to the rapid rise of major domestic supermarkets, the demand for thermal paper in supermarkets will only be reduced. In addition, in the future, enterprises will pay more attention to the control of logistics costs to borrow costs, improve efficiency, and use bar code labels to control production management, inventory table 3 the brand of thin-walled materials of Goldilocks technology and the corresponding performance inventory management, quality tracking, etc. Therefore, variable information printing labels used in the supermarket logistics industry, such as thermal paper and thermal transfer labels, will be more widely used

electronics industry: China's electronics industry is developing rapidly every year. The popularity of household appliances, the emergence and development of computers and various innovative electronic products have brought a broader market and more application fields to electronic labels. Electronic labels have also brought huge market space to the development of new products in the adhesive industry with their high requirements and diversity of application fields

tire and lubricant industry: in recent years, with the rapid development of China's automobile industry, it has also driven the tire, lubricant and other related industries. The development of the tire market and lubricant market has also brought opportunities for the application of self-adhesive labels in these industries

in a word, labels have penetrated into all industries and fields. In the future competition, the speed and efficiency of each link such as market, sales, production, distribution and R & D will bring infinite business opportunities to self-adhesive label suppliers

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