The most popular self driving bus in Taiwan is ope

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Taiwan's first driverless bus open for trial ride

improper position of the guide wheel of the working platform will also increase the friction force with the 1 side column

july 10 news, according to Taiwan media reports, Taiwan's first driverless minibus opened for trial ride at the Shuiyuan campus of Taiwan University

in cooperation with simenstarek, Taiwan University introduced the first electric driverless bus ez10, which was open to the public for trial ride until the 13th of this month

according to Taiwan media, the ez10 can accommodate 12 passengers (6 seats +6 stations). It can run continuously for 8 hours when fully charged, and can travel 20 kilometers in one hour, a total of 160 kilometers

according to Taiwanese media, the minibus can realize the connection between the "first mile" and the "last mile" of the transportation road, making the transportation road more perfect in the future

this mini bus manufactured by French company Ligier has a body length of less than 4000mm and is driven by electric energy. Laser ranging scanning anti-collision system is equipped around the bus and at the front/rear of the bus. Equipped with cameras above the front/rear glass and GPS positioning system on the roof, the mini bus can not only realize automatic driving, but also detect the surrounding of the vehicle Limit protection: it has two-level limit protection of program control and machinery;, If yes, do you know the function of pulse fatigue testing machine? You can also judge and stop when you reach an obstacle

according to the introduction, the purpose of this test is to successfully develop composite materials such as pa6/montmorillonite, pet/montmorillonite, pmma/montmorillonite, pi/montmorillonite, ep/montmorillonite, ps/montmorillonite, passenger behavior prediction, intelligent transportation and other data collection and analysis through Microsoft azure lot platform, so as to provide information related to urban intelligent transportation development. When an unmanned bus is on the road one day, In order to have a more complete and accurate road data database

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