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Self adhesive label printing moves towards specialization

as an important part of packaging printing, self-adhesive printing has the characteristics of convenient use and various forms, and is deeply loved by users. With the continuous improvement of living standards and the increasingly fierce market competition, commodities must not only have good quality to compare the segregation of inclusions, but also have high-grade appearance packaging; With the increase of imported goods and the publicity of TV, magazines, networks and other media, people pursue a more perfect appearance of goods. Therefore, self-adhesive labels play a more and more important role in packaging. It can be predicted that China has successfully won the right to host the 2008 Olympic Games and the 2010 Shanghai WorldExpo, and the resulting various sales and colorful publicity activities will make the demand for self-adhesive products increase rapidly

in addition, the demand and quality requirements for self-adhesive printing materials show regional characteristics, which are closely related to the consumption level of the region. The higher the economic level, the higher the demand and quality requirements for self-adhesive label products. Therefore, the introduction of imported high-quality printing equipment and the use of advanced printing technology have become an important means for packaging and printing enterprises to attract customers and improve their competitiveness

the printing of self-adhesive labels requires professional printers

due to the increasingly diversified varieties of self-adhesive materials and the complexity of printing processes, the production requirements can not be met without the use of professional self-adhesive printing equipment. Due to the good printing performance, high production efficiency and the integration of multiple functions, the role of high-performance rotary self-adhesive printing machines has begun to take shape in some large printing enterprises. However, in the past few years, there was no manufacturer of such specialized equipment in the mainland, and printing enterprises need to purchase it from Japan, Europe and the United States or Taiwan Province of China, so the price is expensive, and the supply of parts and after-sales services are extremely inconvenient. In 2003, this situation was completely broken. Shanghai Xinmin sun Machinery Co., Ltd. introduced the production technology of Japan sun machinery TLC series satellite rotary self-adhesive printing machine. On April 18, the first tlc-c+1f satellite rotary self-adhesive printing machine made in China was successfully debugged, which means that most printing manufacturers can buy world-class high-performance rotary self-adhesive printing machines at the price of domestic machines, And enjoy 24-hour response after-sales service. The introduction of this technology will greatly improve the overall level of China's self-adhesive printing and change the image of China's self-adhesive printing level in the world

1. Satellite rotary self-adhesive printing machine

tlc series satellite rotary self-adhesive printing machine is a kind of high-performance self-adhesive printing machine. Due to the adoption of satellite printing unit and common embossing cylinder, the transmission synchronization error is reduced to the minimum, which can not be achieved by the unit type from the transmission structure. This is the completion of another milestone node since the air separation start-up and system replacement of Hongfang 4 phase 2 project on August 18, which saves the paper length and reduces the overall dimension of the equipment. By adding a common roller, the printing can be increased to 12 colors at most, and the embossing, flexo printing and offset printing can be integrated on the same equipment, so that various printing methods can show their strengths in the products. The functions of the equipment can also be expanded by adding flat pressing and die cutting, 2p paper supply, corona treatment, adhesive printing, film coating, circulating cooling, hot stamping, glue spraying, ink-jet printing, flat sheet cutting and other devices to meet the personalized needs of different businesses. The printing width is 170mm and 250mm. Since its appearance in Japan in 1977, this model of equipment has become a model for major self-adhesive printing machine manufacturers to imitate because of its exquisite and practical design structure. With the development of letterpress printing technology, TLC has been endowed with new functions and become the mainstream model in the field of self-adhesive printing in the world. This model has been used for a long time in China: printing enterprises such as Shenzhen Qiheng, Shanghai Pudong New Area printing factory, Guangzhou Esso, Shanghai Guanwen and Shenzhen Taisheng have used this model of equipment to produce various self-adhesive products (paper self-adhesive and film self-adhesive materials), anti-counterfeiting labels and special tickets, which fully reflects the high-quality and efficient performance

2. Trapezoidal lead screw is a sliding friction TLC Standard Specification

expanding the function of bill printing machine

the difference between Bill industry and self-adhesive printing industry is becoming smaller and smaller. With the increasingly fierce competition in bill industry, bill printing enterprises undertake more and more self-adhesive printing business. In particular, the printing of anti-counterfeiting labels, 3C certification marks, bar code labels, anti-theft labels and office self-adhesive products can be completed by the existing commercial form rotary printing machine. Thanks to the printing of scraped invoices, the traditional printing method of the form rotary printing machine has been changed. In addition to the online connection with flexo printing and plate printing equipment, the functions of die cutting and waste discharge have also been added. Therefore, it is very easy to print self-adhesive products and improve the production speed of self-adhesive products

since its establishment, Japan sun Machinery Co., Ltd. has been committed to the development and manufacturing of commercial forms and bills and self-adhesive rotary printing and processing equipment. As a branch of Japan in China, Shanghai Xinmin sun Machinery Co., Ltd. has successfully introduced the advanced manufacturing technology and design concept of Japan Taiyang Machinery Co., Ltd. which has been able to maintain its shape for a long time. It has provided China's bill printing industry with printing and processing equipment with the world's advanced technology level and high cost performance, which has been highly praised by the industry. Xinmin sun will, as always, in the spirit of continuously providing China's printing industry with advanced printing equipment and services suitable for China's national conditions, work with new and old customers to create a better tomorrow for China's printing industry

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