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"High tech" autumn pants, which are self heating and can resist bacteria, are mostly gimmicks

the weather is getting colder, It's time to prepare autumn pants, which increases the stretching space (it can be increased to more than 210 meters). All kinds of new thermal materials are marked with "Salam", "golden velvet" and "hot carbon" Such high-tech fabrics are unheard of. What's more, they claim that they can not only beautify the body, but also shape the body. They can not only sterilize, but also heat themselves. Their powerful functions are amazing

in this regard, wangfumei, Professor of textile materials and doctoral tutor of Donghua University, said frankly that most of the so-called scientific and technological warm underwear are suspected of hyping the concept. There are a variety of technical routes, which can play some functional roles more or less, but they are far less divine than the merchants' propaganda. "As a close fitting garment to the skin, the best choice for autumn pants is natural fibers such as cotton and cashmere, which have good sweat absorption and permeability, high comfort, and are less likely to cause skin problems."

fabric is the first choice for autumn pants

many people don't know how to choose autumn pants. They just look at the price. As long as the price is expensive, they think it is a good thing. In fact, the clothes that are closer to the human skin are more exquisite. One of the most important standards is that "the skin is not stimulated"

according to Wang Fumei, when choosing autumn pants, the first thing to do is to look at the fabric. The selection criteria are moisture absorption and permeability, not easy to generate static electricity and "friendly" to the skin. There are only three main materials for thermal underwear. One is natural fiber processed from cotton and cashmere; One is recycled fiber (chemical fiber made of natural polymer materials such as wood and bamboo), such as Lyocell, modal, viscose fiber, etc; There are also synthetic fibers processed from petroleum, coal and other mineral resources, such as polyester, acrylic and so on. Among them, pure cotton fabric has the best moisture absorption and permeability, is not easy to generate static electricity, and is very close to the skin. "So when buying personal clothes, especially underwear, autumn pants and other personal clothes, it is best to choose fabrics mainly made of natural fibers such as cotton and Khmer, which is also the reason why baby clothes are recommended to choose cotton."

in the second half of the year, the company was able to breathe. The fiber hydraulic testing machine is an ideal experimental equipment for industrial and mining enterprises, building materials, quality inspection centers, water conservancy and hydropower, bridge engineering, scientific research institutes, and mechanical laboratories of colleges and universities. Autumn pants made of fabrics become "special pants for static electricity" because the fabrics do not absorb moisture and are easy to cause dry skin. After wearing them, static electricity is always released. Wangfumei said that in autumn and winter, the skin is dry and prone to static electricity. Therefore, people with dry or even itchy skin and babies with sensitive skin or delicate skin should try to avoid choosing synthetic fiber autumn pants. At the same time, due to the poor moisture permeability of such fabrics, sweating is too wet, which will not only reduce the comfort, but also cause skin problems such as rash and itching

"high tech" gimmicks

do these underwear with "self heating" really deserve the name

the so-called "hot carbon", "modal" and "Salam" in the market are far less magical than those advertised by businesses. These businesses advertised that the price of underwear made of high-tech materials had doubled, but in fact, there was little difference between the thermal effect and ordinary underwear

for example, according to the publicity of some stores, although the underwear they sell is thinner than ordinary underwear, the underwear can generate heat by itself due to the use of fabrics containing "Salam" fiber. "Wearing self heating underwear is like wrapping an electric blanket around your body". However, some consumers said after trying it on, "I haven't seen any fever after wearing it all day." As a result, consumers suspect that they have been fooled by the store owners

the "endless" variety of new thermal insulation materials in the market can not help but make people dazzling. This year, businesses have also launched high-tech underwear with self heating function, and the price is naturally much higher than that of ordinary underwear. The merchants claim that the principle of "heating" underwear comes from the fact that it uses volcanic rock ore composition, and after high-temperature carbonization, the implanted fiber becomes a "heating fiber", which has the functions of heat storage, moisture absorption and heating

however, Wangfu Mei frankly said that in fact, many so-called high technologies are just a pretext, just a gimmick to raise prices and attract purchasing power. The so-called "hot carbon" and "Salam" in the market are actually just adding an additive or functional fiber to the original main materials, which can more or less play some functional roles. However, the current functional fiber has limited calorific value, and it only heats up for a short time at a specific temperature, for example, from a warm environment to a cold environment, Even the thermal underwear with heating fiber can maintain the heating effect for minutes at most, which will not continue, and the heating capacity is very limited. "Instead of believing in self heating thermal underwear, it's better to wear more warm clothes." Don't believe too much in those supernatural propaganda

Wang Fumei further explained that the main function of thermal underwear at present is to protect the heat released by the human body from being "looted" by the cold environment. Even if there are heating fibers, the amount of heat or "heat" to the human body is very small, and only in the short time when the high temperature moves into the low temperature environment. With the progress of market supervision technology, the heat preservation index is marked, and everyone can consume scientifically

autumn pants should be washed in warm water. Of course, different people should choose autumn pants according to different standards. Wangfumei suggested that young people can choose thinner and elastic autumn pants, which will not affect the beauty and greatly improve the warmth retention of the whole set of clothing, because the "draught" between the outer pants and the limbs is very detrimental to the warmth retention when they do not wear autumn pants. In particular, it should be noted that the elasticity of the fabric must be greater than the skin elongation, otherwise the backbone personnel of the technical team feel bound when they go to the site to check the key links, which means that the tight fitting is too much, and it is easy to lead to physical fatigue

the elderly and children should choose loose autumn pants and cotton pants. The fluffy cotton batt in the cotton pants can fix a large amount of air, make it difficult to convection, form a thick warm layer on the body surface, reduce body heat loss, and people feel warm

since autumn trousers are close fitting clothes, people must wash and dry them regularly, and should not wear them directly after long-term purchase, otherwise it is easy to cause mite problems. At the same time, when washing, experts recommend using warm water at 40 ℃ ~45 ℃, because as close fitting clothes, they are more likely to be contaminated with body grease and metabolic skin residues. Washing with warm water is easier to remove these dirt. It is not easy to decontaminate if the water is too cold, and it is easy to damage the clothes if the water is too hot

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