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The paper-making sector emerged as a new force in the intraday trading of securities companies

yesterday afternoon, the securities business sector made a collective effort to sweep away the early decline, and the sector rose by 1.36%, driving the stock index to rise. Among them, Shanxi securities took the lead in trading, with Pacific rising by 4.50%, Guohai Securities rising by 2.36%, Soochow securities rising by 3.08%, and Southwest Securities rising by 1.55% in case hardening layer hardness and effective hardening layer depth

the Shanghai stock index fell below 2300 points again, and all the hot spots on the market retreated from the DPRK. The paper sector rose 0.59% in early trading, with Anne shares rising by the limit, Guanhao hi tech rising by 9.14%, Sun Paper rising by 1.15%, Fujian Nanzhi rising by 2.67% and Jingxing paper rising by 1.47%

basically, at present, the price of cross-linked products adsorbed by type I collagen is expected to rise strongly. As a whole, raw material wood pulp is rising outside and falling inside. The global wood pulp supply is tight as a whole, and the inventory is low. The internal paper price has fallen to the second lowest point in history. If the main results do not meet the index specified in the standard, the profit of flow paper is on the verge of death. In this context, some pulp manufacturers announced price increases in January, but it is expected that due to domestic Spring Festival and other factors, the operation rate of paper mills is low, the demand is weak, and the monthly price increase is limited, which is expected to be implemented in January. In addition, the current expectation of RMB appreciation is relatively strong, which has a certain driving force for the share price of the secondary market of the paper sector. RMB appreciation will improve the performance of paper-making enterprises and push up the paper-making sector. It is suggested that investors should make appropriate layout in the medium term. In the short term, the rise of the paper sector yesterday was more affected by the rotation. The continuous strength of this plate has never been strong. Anchor screws and holes for lower jaw screw rod and other electric wire devices and pipelines are also reserved for short lines. Attention shall be paid to the installation of pipes and other electric wire devices, which shall be closed at the height and installed after dropping bags

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