The most popular self published e-books in the UK

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UK: self published e-books have accounted for 14% of the market share

this growth is very fast. In 2009, a clinical trial of the device was started. Last year, self published books accounted for 2% of the total sales. Among the self published books, type books, crime, science fiction, romantic novels and humorous and funny books account for 20% of the e-book market. According to a survey released recently, female readers are also the biggest supporters of these self published works: 68% of self published e-books are purchased by women

with the active support of the Beijing municipal government

but these dazzling data have attracted criticism from some traditional book publishers. The guardian interviewed andrewfanklin, the managing director of profilebooks in the UK today. He commented that most of the self published books are of poor quality and are full of garbage. "The transmission has become an increasingly dynamic field in China's automobile market. At present, many writers want to become famous through the self publishing platform, but the probability is no doubt similar to buying lottery tickets. Most of their works disappear in silence.

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