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Jiangnan Futures: the supply has not improved, and the rubber price has soared

on Wednesday, affected by the overnight decline in crude oil, the Japanese rubber opened lower in the morning, but the depreciation of the yen limited the decline of the rubber price. The benchmark November contract stabilized at the first line of 333.3 yen in the morning, and then rose step by step. As of 15:15 Beijing time, the contract was reported at 343.9 yen, up 7.4 yen from the previous trading day. In terms of funds, the cut-off tensile elasticity is also higher than that of steel yesterday. The net long positions of the three bulls are 18000 hands, with a slight increase compared with Monday. Food and beverage packaging will be the largest major utilization field of biodegradable plastics. About 400 hands. From the graph, the price has some resistance at the historical high of 345.9 yen, but there is also strong support near the 330 yen gap below. We maintain the view of strong oscillation yesterday, Pay attention to the performance of prices near historical high prices

domestically, Shanghai Jiaotong Rubber Co., Ltd. held high today. The main contract 809 fluctuated and fell around 300 in the morning on the 25th day. After stabilizing, it gradually oscillated and rose. After the rapid rise in the late afternoon, the price was finally closed on the daily limit at 26300 points, up 1010 points from the previous day. Technically, today's price successfully covered the gap of the previous short jump and closed above the 26000 integer level. The price continued to rise, and there was an inertia trend of impacting the previous high in the short term. We can further maintain a partial thinking and pay attention to whether the price can achieve a new breakthrough

in terms of spot goods, the agricultural reclamation electronic market continued its fierce trading today. A total of 1836 tons of No. 5 glue were traded, with an average transaction price of 26545 yuan. Today, the total amount of pending orders was 1868 tons, almost all of which were traded; The price of Thai No. 3 cigarette glue continued to rise today, at 100.75 baht per kilogram, and the transaction was still relatively active

operation suggestions: if the price can continue to stand above 26000, you can rely on this position to try long trading, and positions with obvious profits can be held with 25800 first line as stop loss

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