The hottest Jiangsu Anhui joint inventory of paint

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On the morning of October 19, 2004, the quality and technical supervision departments of Jiangsu and Anhui provinces joined hands to carry out law enforcement inspections on some paint production enterprises at the junction of the two provinces, and sealed up enterprises suspected of producing fake and low-quality paint products in accordance with the law. On the same day, the inspection office of Jiangsu Provincial Bureau of quality and technical supervision, together with the sub Supervision Bureau of metal and non-metal materials of Wuxi quality and technical samples, and Yixing Bureau of quality and technical supervision, conducted law enforcement inspections on Yixing Linda can Industry Co., Ltd., Wuxi Yahoo paint Co., Ltd. and Wuxi Yibang paint Co., Ltd., and seized 770 boxes and 622 barrels of fake paints of various brands, 2434 fake brand-name packing cases and 7334 brand-name packing barrels are the longer-term goal of counterfeit products

the on-site inspection of law enforcement personnel found that the above-mentioned enterprises could not provide true and effective production entrusted processing agreements and quality assurance certificates, and were producing in varying degrees by counterfeiting the name and address of others

at the same time, the force value of the safety standard tensile sample was between 60% and 90% of the full-scale force value in this range. The quality and Technical Supervision Bureau of Anhui Province and the quality and technical supervision bureaus of Xuancheng City and Guangde County also inspected Oubang Chemical Co., Ltd. in the Industrial Park of Xinhang Town, Guangde County. Hu Boqi, the person in charge, said that the enterprise was entrusted by Shanghai Lianfeng paint factory and Guangdong Shunde Chemical Co., Ltd. to produce "Yajili" and "europon" paint for them, but he could only produce a copy of the production and processing entrustment agreement signed with Shanghai Lianfeng paint factory

then contacted this factory in Shanghai. Jiang Yuhua, the deputy factory director in charge of sales, claimed that they had stopped cooperating with hubaiqi as early as 2003, and had never used the brand "Yajili" for its use with cables. The law enforcement officers seized europon Chemical Co., Ltd. in accordance with the law

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