The hottest Jiangnan futures rose by the limit aft

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Jiangnan Futures: yesterday, Shanghai Jiao staged a good show, hitting a new low in the year and then the daily limit

on Monday, Japan Jiao continued to show weakness after the opening. The benchmark April contract fell as low as 184.9 yen. Affected by it, Shanghai Jiao opened the oil delivery valve and soon hit a new low of 16605 points in the year. However, dramatic changes are beginning. After a small oscillation at the low level, the Bulls suddenly increased their positions, but ABS plastic needs to increase the measurement of barium, antimony, tin, 4 carbon chloride Styrene and acrylonitrile raised their futures prices and closed at 17100 in the morning The rise of crude oil electronic disk stimulated Japanese rubber, which began to rise in the afternoon, and also played a role in boosting Shanghai rubber. The mutual promotion made Shanghai Rubber finally close at 17645 points by the daily limit. The cold and hot shock test machine, also known as high and low temperature shock test box or temperature shock test box, rose 675 points, the trading volume significantly increased to more than 320000 hands, and the position increased by more than 7000 hands to 60170 hands. From the graphic point of view, today's big positive line completely swallowed the negative line of the previous two trading days, with an obvious trend turning pattern, and there is a strong demand for short-term withdrawal of the neck line

in terms of spot goods, No. 5 glue in Nongken electronic market traded 21 tons today, with an average transaction price of 16300 yuan/ton. All transactions came from Haikou hall, and Kunming hall has always maintained the linked unit price of 18500 yuan

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