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At present, Jiangmen City is building a national civilized city, but the investigation found that a variety of "psoriasis" are posted on the stairs of many residential buildings, which is very dazzling. According to the Jiangmen urban management department, in order to rectify the "psoriasis" and other problems, the Jiangmen urban management department will launch the "call to death" system in the middle of the month to completely eradicate the stubborn disease of "psoriasis"

current situation: it is concentrated at the stairway entrance and bus station

the stairway entrance of a residential building in Chang'an Li, Jiangmen City, which can be said to be a typical example of graffiti. Various commercial labels and advertisements are posted all over the wall, and some advertisements for handling certificates and connecting sewers are sprayed directly on the wall. "Of course it's not beautiful!" Mr. Du, a citizen, hated the phenomenon of graffiti and pasting, but there was nothing he could do, "because these people graffiti and pasting like guerrillas, often. As soon as the residents left, someone posted it. You tear it up and paste it right away. It's annoying." It is understood that this kind of graffiti at the entrance of stairs is mainly concentrated in some old residential buildings, and the situation of residential buildings without anti-theft doors is more serious

at Wuyi city bus station, I saw that the ground of the stop sign, the sunshade and even the sensitive seats of the waiting agency were also covered with various small advertisements of "certificate processing", "seal engraving" and "Recruitment". According to rough statistics, there are 21 "psoriasis" advertisements only at the bus stop near the cultural book city in Wuyi city

difficulties: stubborn "what magic did Niu Jinchengli use to conquer the judges of two high-level competitions? Psoriasis" is difficult to remove.

there are many and dense "places of incidence" of urban psoriasis, which has seriously affected the city appearance of Jiangmen, so it is very difficult to remove it. A sanitation worker complained, "the most difficult thing is to clean the advertisements written directly with spray paint and ink, which will penetrate into the wall and be difficult to clean. Recently, there have been some particularly stubborn coatings, which even ordinary tiannashui can do nothing about. Special personnel must be sent to wear gas masks and gloves and clean them with special chemicals."

countermeasures: the "call to death" system starts in the middle of the month

in view of the flying situation of "psoriasis", Jiangmen urban management department took the lead in saying that a set of "call to death" system will be officially started in the middle of this month

it is reported that this voice calling system is operated by the office computer. It has the function of number storage, can input dozens of numbers at a time, and can dial continuously. After discovering that many articles have introduced psoriasis, which accounts for one tenth of the total output of plastic products in China, municipal law enforcement officers quickly recorded and obtained evidence. After verification, they entered the number into the call system. After entering the instructions, the system will continue to dial these illegal numbers. After connecting, the voice system will be used to inform the owner: "you have violated the relevant regulations of urban management", and ask the owner to accept the treatment at the specified time and place

because this kind of dialing is continuous, most machine owners will not be able to stand this kind of warning of chasing and beating, so they have to cancel the number. Through continuous upgrading and improvement, this voice call tracking system has been able to effectively deal with call transfer, blacklist, firewall and other functions, which can effectively prevent illegal acts such as handling false certificates and issuing false invoices. It is reported that Guangzhou, Shunde and other cities have adopted the system before, and achieved good results. Southern Metropolis Daily

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