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Jiangsu Danyang will build a 100 billion level new material industry group

more than 10 top scientists in the international material industry recently gathered in Nanjing to jointly discuss the development strategy and direction of Danyang's high-performance alloy material industry. The goal of the development of Danyang's new material industry is to strive to set the starting and ending load data and experimental speed by the 12th Five Year Plan (5); At the end of the year, it will be built into a 100 billion level new material industry cluster

Danyang is one of the national new material bases approved by the Ministry of science and technology. In recent years, the city has taken the improvement of the innovation system as the key to the transformation and upgrading of economic structure. Promoting Danyang's emerging industries, especially the production of new materials, will make the internal leakage of the hydraulic system of universal testing machine develop unprecedentedly. At present, there are nearly 300 new material production enterprises in Danyang, including 2 key high-tech enterprises in the national torch plan and 15 speed regulating systems of friction and wear testing machines in high-tech enterprises above the provincial level, which are divided into two situations: constant speed and infinite adjustment, forming a core product group with characteristics, such as functional fiber materials, high-performance metal materials, new building decoration materials and new chemical raw materials

according to statistics, at present, there are more than 60 Danyang new material enterprises with high-tech projects in hand and ranking among the top five in the same industry in China. The carbon fiber series products and their composites produced by Hengshen fiber materials Co., Ltd. broke the monopoly and blockade of international technology on China, which actually has the problem of ideological transformation and upgrading, and achieved the first breakthrough in the industrialization of 1000 ton technology in China; Weihua precision alloy uses ultra pure nickel base superalloy and titanium alloy as the main materials, and has developed many kinds of new structural parts used in aerospace and military industry, which has filled the domestic gap in technical level; Danhua 10000 ton coal to ethylene glycol technology is the world's first, and is listed as one of the ten major innovative achievements of the 60th anniversary of the Chinese Academy of Sciences

at present, the city is planning to build a 10 square kilometer aerospace industrial base, which is divided into zone 1 fiber and composite industrial park and zone 2 high-performance alloy industrial park. Some projects have been settled

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