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Jiangnan light industry machinery factory has successfully developed a hot-melt paper and plastic film coating machine

Jiangyin City -- executive vice president Jiangnan light industry machinery factory has successfully developed a hot-melt film coating machine with high automation and wide processing capacity by adopting advanced technology at home and abroad. This machine can be used for glossy Matt Film on paper cups, white cardboard, kraft paper, cotton paper, toilet paper, non-woven fabrics, OPP cellophane, aluminum foil, Nee and so on. It has the characteristics of strong adhesion fastness, uniform product thickness, good sealing performance and other characteristics. All indicators are ahead of or exceed international standards. It is the most advanced hot-melt film coating machine in China at present. It is reported that jczlm1200 high-speed paper plastic film coating machine uses extruded calendered film and OPP, paper, metal foil and other substrates for single-layer composite or double-layer film as flexible composite packaging materials. The extrusion composite raw material is mainly high-pressure polyethylene, which has the characteristics of good practicability, high automation, high production efficiency, wide processing capacity and so on

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