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Jiangsu Dayu paper industry invested 100million yuan to launch the recycled paper project. Release date: Source: Rudong released

since the resumption of work after the Spring Festival, the construction of the continued project of Dayu Paper Industry Co., Ltd. has heated up rapidly. Last year, in response to the call of the national green transformation, the enterprise invested 100million in the upgrading and transformation project of recycled paper, eliminated some backward equipment, upgraded papermaking technology and technology, and completed gb3142 (2) after reaching the production capacity, which can form an annual production capacity of 105000 tons of recycled paper and achieve an annual sales of 180million. Ma Jianquan, the equipment commissioning personnel, said that at present, the production equipment is entering the site, installing and commissioning in succession, and is expected to be put into production in May

represented by Dayu paper, this year, Dayu Town, Rudong County, Nantong City, Jiangsu Province firmly established the working concept of "everything focuses on the project, everything revolves around the project", and the project construction has reached another climax. Huang Jian, deputy secretary of the Party committee of Dayu Town, told that at present, in addition to the Dayu paper project, the Wanquan new materials automotive interior materials project with a total investment of 1billion has gradually developed science and technology, and the electromechanical driven pressure test machine is also undergoing equipment installation and commissioning, which is expected to be put into operation in May. In addition, two other projects are under land listing, and construction will begin at the end of this month. The two projects are about to carry out a joint pre-trial

investment invitation is the premise for a major breakthrough in the project. Focusing on the industrial transformation and upgrading, Dayu town focuses on the three leading industries of new materials, new energy and new equipment that reporters learned from the exhibition. While improving the degree of investment organization and further optimizing the investment mechanism, Dayu town insists on selecting the best, recruiting the big and attracting the strong as the main direction of project attraction, and seeks to integrate with Shanghai and southern Jiangsu in the industrial chain. At present, the four mature projects under discussion have good market prospects, high technical level and strong innovation ability

however, there is still a long way to go from attracting investors to the real implementation of the project. Therefore, Dayu town implements differentiated and characteristic services, and uses high-quality government services to promote the commencement of projects that can be started as soon as possible and the completion and production of projects that have been started. For projects under construction, they seize the current golden period of construction, arrange the time nodes, image progress and main body one by one, and help the project construction speed up; For the newly signed projects, we will implement "one-to-one" precise docking and "man to man" tracking and implementation, and systematically solve the problems of resource supply, policy support, service guarantee and so on, so as to ensure the smooth progress of project preparation

"two legs" walking has comprehensively improved the quality and efficiency of Dayu town project. At present, the Huayun medical equipment project with a total investment of 100million has entered the construction site, striving to be completed, put into operation and benefit in the same year; The Huarong new building materials project with a total investment of 250million and the cechs light rail and motor car blade metal products production project with a total investment of 120million are entering the skull cavity. The environment has changed. The land is listed and construction will begin at the end of this month. In addition, the construction design of Marriott building materials thermal insulation material project with a total investment of 150million and zuocheng technology nano new material project with a total investment of 200million are under way, waiting for joint preliminary review

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