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Jiangnan Futures: Japanese glue opened low and rebounded, Shanghai glue wide-ranging oscillation

on Wednesday, there was little change in the overnight external market. The benchmark January contract of Japanese glue opened near the closing price of the previous day. After briefly rising in the morning, the price showed sideways oscillation. In the afternoon, driven by some short covering, the price gradually rebounded. As of 15:30 Beijing time, the contract was reported at 318 yen, up 3.2 yen. In terms of fund positions, as of yesterday, the net long positions of long funds were about 13000, generally showing the exchange of hands between long funds. Technically, the short-term price still maintains a weak trend, but from the current situation, the thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) lattice invented by Lubrizol today has broken through yesterday's high, and it is estimated that it will oscillate in the short term. From the pressure above, the 5-day moving average is 322 yen, and the pressure below is supported near 315 yen

domestically, the varieties with large early decline rebounded to varying degrees this morning, and the rubber price is no exception. The 811 contract once surged to around 24100, but under the guidance of the recent weak trend, the price finally fell back, falling to 23530 points per day. Following the metal price, 811 finally closed at 23915 points, 30 points lower than the settlement price of the previous trading day after a round of rebound in only 60 days. Technically, today's low point has basically reached the measurement target of head to shoulder decline. At present, when the price is still below the short-term average, it can still maintain a partial view of the price for the time being, and the long-term view of technology patenting, patent standardization and standardization internationalization can be maintained. However, the short-term can't be too bearish. The upper pressure is near yesterday's high of 24300, and the lower support is 23500

in terms of spot, the spot market price in Southeast Asia has not changed much today. The average spot price of No. 3 cigarette glue in Thailand today was 94.17 baht, basically unchanged from the previous day; Domestic transactions continued to be sluggish. Today, only 21 tons of No. 5 glue were traded, with an average price of 27350 yuan

<7. Do not disassemble the machine without authorization p> operation suggestions. The previous trend empty order can choose to lose weight or be out. The space under the measurement goal of head and shoulder should not be pursued too much for the time being, mainly in the short term of the day

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